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Management, like many other social disciplines, has many definitions. But in general, it means a practice that requires a combination of a fair amount of craft (experience), with some part of art (intuition), and a certain amount of science (Henry Mintzberg). The list of definitions is not limited. 

Term Definitions

  • is the professional activity of managing an organization under conditions of risk and uncertainty, making strategic and tactical decisions;
  • an integration process by which professionally trained people form and manage organizations through setting goals and developing ways to achieve them;
  • management functions, that is, a set of activities such as planning, organization, and coordination, control and regulation, motivation, the implementation of which ensures the effective functioning of the organization;
  • this is the ability to achieve the set goals, controlling the work of people working in the organization, and having their own individual characteristics, characters, abilities;
  • is leading the work of employees aimed at achieving company goals.

The definition of “management” is applied only to the controlling of socio-economic processes at the level of an organization operating in market conditions. But recently this concept has been widely applied to non-economic, non-entrepreneurial organizations.

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Management Essay Tips

A management essay takes a topic related to business and explains or describes it in a readable and original way. A well-written management essay can be both educational and interesting for readers, which may motivate them to follow the advice outlined in the essay or do their own research on the topic. To write a management essay, it’s important to choose an interesting and relevant topic, do some serious research, personalize the material, and make sure the finished product looks professional.

Choosing a topic is one of the most important elements of writing an essay. Ideally, the topic should be one that engages readers and is relevant to their work or life. It can also help you do a little initial research to make sure there is enough information available on the topic that you can use to write your paper. Whenever possible, the topic of a management essay should also be personally important to the author; if he or she is not interested in the material, it can be seen in writing.

Once a general topic has been chosen, it is important to start researching the questions related to the management essay. For example, if an essay is about exploring a specific business management structure, it will be important to find information about the history of that structure, companies that have succeeded and failed over time, how it is used today, and how it is used in comparison with similar structures. Research can be conducted through books, interviews, articles, and online information, but the author must ensure that his or her sources are reliable and credible. It should be mostly scientific resources, research papers etc. 

By their very nature, management essays tend to advertise ideas such as organizational excellence and well-structured systems.

If a manual essay contains many grammatical, spelling, and organizational errors, this can undermine the credibility of the author and the information contained in the paper. Ideas expressed in an essay should logically flow from one paragraph to another in such a way that it leads to a conclusion. After writing an essay, reading the topic and the closing sentences of each paragraph can help determine if the essay is following a logical path. 

Management Essays for College Students

Below you can find examples of management essays. These essays explore the topic from different angles. You can find papers that can be used as templates for your own college papers. Among these essay examples, you may find essays on the definition of management, papers dedicated to HR fundamental points, and other aspects of the topic. The samples on our site will help you determine which specific management topics you are interested in.

Management Essay – Example 1 

Terry Gibson, renowned consultant and author of books and articles, said “Management is the art of achieving goals in a resource-limited environment.” The goal is to get the maximum amount of profit, spending the minimum amount of resources, and this is a rather painstaking and, one might say, even in some sense sophisticated and creative process.

The term describes three interrelated concepts. It is the activity of managing and coordinating the work of an enterprise and its divisions. 

Management Essay – Example 2

Egyptian pyramids, built-in 3000-2000 B.C., are vivid evidence not only of the culture of the ancient Egyptians but also of their administrative art. The construction of the huge pyramids required, above all, clear planning.

Socrates gives an understanding of management as a special sphere of human activity. He said that the main thing in it is to put the right person in the right place and achieve the fulfillment of the tasks assigned to him.

The revolution in industrial relations is associated with the industrial revolution that began in the middle of the 18th century. The industrial revolution is associated with the allocation of three levels of management: upper, middle, and lower. A foreman appeared in the production, who soon became hated by the workers. At this stage in the development of management, the tendency of transition from the principle of supervision of workers to the principle of organized labor on a scientific basis has only been outlined. As the scale of production increases, the range of occupations and the number of managers increase. Management received the greatest development in the twentieth century.

Thus, the prerequisites and sources for the formation of management as a special kind of management are:

  • the industrial way of organizing production;
  • development of market relations, the main elements of which are demand, supply, and price.

The first explosion of interest in management was noted in 1911. It was then that Frederick W. Taylor published his book Principles of Scientific Management, which is considered the beginning of the recognition of the management of science and an independent field of study.

Management Essay – Example 3

The task of administration is to organize all aspects of the organization’s activities: marketing, resource provision, production, personnel management, financing, innovation, investment, social development.

For example, company P has a significant drop in profit, which means that their product is either not in demand or has lost its former quality. Since company P does not have the funds to replace all equipment and introduce new technologies, the company depreciates only part of its equipment and reduces the number of manufactured goods, but thereby inflates the price of its product. Thus, people see a shortage of goods and buy it, the goods are of high quality, the goods bring profit to the enterprise and the enterprise again begins to expand and comes out of the crisis. This whole scheme can be called management.

We can also find examples from the life of an ordinary person. Imagine some young man A. works for the boss lives in an ordinary apartment complex and has a minimum of savings. What’s his goal? And where should he learn the art of achieving a goal?

If a person has no goal, then he does not know what to learn. He may be ignorant, but if he has a goal, he begins to actively develop and achieve certain success in his career. Therefore, the ability to mobilize limited resources to achieve a goal is the art of management.

Management Essay – Example 4

In a general sense, it is a science that allows you to answer the question of how to manage people and the whole company in order to achieve the goal as quickly and efficiently as possible, usually financial gain. However, this term is also often used to refer to a specific management apparatus, i.e. groups of people who directly make decisions and are responsible for the result.

Managers are specialists with special training, skills, and talents. They must be well versed in production processes and know the ins and outs of the type of activity that the company practices, but at the same time they must have some knowledge of psychology.

It is usually customary to divide managers into lower, middle, and senior managers. Each of them has its own responsibilities, and at the same time, each of them is quite different from the other. 

The lower one is the line managers in the field, in departments that directly control the work of certain performers.

The middle ones are the managers who control a group of line managers, and who, in turn, are subordinate only to the top management.

Top managers are leaders of the highest order, who are at the head of a company or enterprise.

Each link has its own tasks and responsibilities, so they are very different from each other. Lower managers and top managers are often completely different people who do not even come close to their responsibilities. Nevertheless, it’s important to know that to clarify the concept. 

Management Essay – Example 5

The system is understood as the totality of all elements that allow you to manage the resources of the organization. First of all, there are human, financial, and material resources that are used to one degree or another to achieve the set goals. Modern administrative process is forced to rely on related sciences – mathematics, statistics, psychology, computer science. 

In a global sense, the main types of management can be distinguished:

  • financial;
  • investment;
  • informational;
  • strategic.

Various subsystems of the general administrative system are responsible for calculating risks, managing various projects, developing a strategy, etc. Marketing, which also belongs to this area, deserves special attention. This structuring makes it possible to understand what exactly the management and its functions exist for, both in large organizations and in small companies:

  • general development of the company as an independent business;
  • making a profit in sufficient numbers;
  • creating conditions for the stable development of the company;
  • controlling risks and improving the efficiency of all activities.

The minimum requirement for an administrative system is to maintain a market niche and a loyal customer base. Ideally, the company should grow towards the end results. Managers, in turn, have to predict various situations, assess risks and develop a development strategy.



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