A Comparison Between Hurricanes and Tornados

A Comparison Between Hurricanes and Tornados

A Comparison Between Hurricanes and Tornados Throughout history, people have been amazed and intrigued by the various forces of nature, particularly those associated with weather. In a similar way, hurricanes and tornados are some of the most violent natural occurring catastrophes experienced by people. While there are many differences between the two, the absolute similarities are tragic. Hurricanes are centered on rough wind swirling around a center area, and they are one of the deadliest and most expensive natural disasters known.

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Tornadoes are an equally deadly force; similar to hurricanes tornados also are centered on rough wind swirling around a center. Each of these disasters carries large amounts of water. Their devastating wind and rain can last for many hours. With their amazing combination of wind and water, the amount of damage that is produced leaves people and poverty around the world. At the same rate as a hurricane, a tornado destroys everything caught in its path. In the same way, hurricanes and tornados rely on unstable air conditions.

Simple temperature variations can change the path and intensity dramatically, making the monstrous storm cells even more unpredictable. The destruction power that is associated with both tornados and hurricanes should not be taken lightly. When left in the face of one of these disasters, there is nothing that can be done except have faith and evacuate. Tornados can hurdle automobiles through the air effortlessly, ripping standard homes to shards of scrap, and defeather chickens.

Just as tornados, hurricanes have the capabilities of completely relocating any object that is not fastened down, and some that are. The wind speeds produced by these catastrophic storms have scales that measure speed and intensity. The only thing that can stop one of these horrible events is a weather change. Hurricanes and tornados are similar in the destruction they cause, and the repair that is required after every event.

No amount of knowledge can prevent the destruction that each storm creates. The main area of comparison between hurricanes and tornados is the devastation, and the power that is associated with them. . They are extremely dangerous and should be looked at as such; the amount of damage left from these tragedies is astonishing. Disasters like hurricanes and tornados can attack and harm people in so many ways, they can kill people, leave them homeless, and they leave children orphaned and disabled


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