Inconsistency of Theories of Racism

Inconsistency of Theories of Racism

After the publication of the evolutionary theory of C. Darwin and the spread of the ideas of Darwinism, attempts were made to transfer the patterns discovered by C. Darwin in living nature to human society.

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Some scholars have suggested that in modern human society, the struggle for existence is the driving force behind development. These views, called social Darwinism, have been developed to date by some Western sociologists.

Moreover, social conflicts are explained by the action of natural laws of nature.

Social Darwinists believe that more valuable people are being selected, and social inequality in society is a consequence of people’s biological inequality, which is controlled by natural selection. Social Darwinism, for example, predicts the degeneration of the peoples of developed countries, since there is a decrease in the birth rate compared to underdeveloped countries.

Thus, social Darwinism applies the laws of the evolution of nature to the social phenomena of human society and is essentially an anti-scientific doctrine, since it is unlawful to transfer the laws that operate at one level of organization of matter to another.

Racism draws close to social Darwinism – a set of anti-scientific concepts based on the provisions on the physical and mental inequality of human races and on the decisive influence of racial differences on the history and culture of society, on the primordial division of people into “higher” and “lower” races, of which the former are supposedly the only creators of civilization called to domination, and the latter are not capable of creating and even mastering a high culture and are doomed to exploitation.

Adherents of racism believe that different races come from different species of people (from people like Cro-Magnons, Neanderthals, Sinanthropes and Australopithecus) and therefore they are biologically unequal.

By dividing races into “higher” and “lower” adherents of racism, social injustice is justified. The ideologists of racism supported the brutal colonization of the peoples of Africa and Asia, and approved the destruction of representatives of other races by the “higher” Nordic race of fascist Germany.

The anti-scientific basis of racism is proved by a large number of irrefutable facts that testify to the unity of origin of all humanity belonging to one biological species. People of all races have normally developed organs and characteristic features, including the brain. They are capable of thinking, mental activity, cultural development.

And the differences in the level of civilization of individual peoples are caused not by the biological characteristics of the races, but by historical and socio-economic factors, the characteristics of cultural development.


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