A Report on the Little Prince

A Report on the Little Prince

The Little Prince (French: Le Petit Prince), published in 1943, is written by the French aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupery . It is a novella. Saint-Exupery wrote it while living in the United States. It has been translated into more than 180 languages and sold more than 80 million copies ,making it one of the best selling books ever .? 1? The narrator of the story is a pilot ,who has been stranded in the desert . The whole story comes from the little prince he meets when he is doing his difficult repairs . It is all about the journey the little prince experiences from his own planet to the earth .

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He comes across different persons and heard many strange ideas (to him ,of course) . He always do not know why people will think like that . The writer uses the view of a child to see the world ,reflecting the hollowness ,aimless and ignorance of human beings ,also the destiny of being lonely and going with the stream . Meanwhile ,the writer shows us his praise of kindness and love. I think the story can be roughly parted into two parts . The journey on other small planet is the first part . Iwas deeply impressed by the six persons on the other six planet .

They have their own special values and living ways . Each of them can represent one type of people in our human society . For example ,the King ,is the representative of those who want power and make it the only thing ;the conceited man is the representative of persons who are self-important ;the geographer is a typical serious-minded people . Some familiar expressions appeared in this part . “The grown-ups are very strange ”? 2? ,“The grown-ups are certainly very odd ”? 3? ,“The grown-ups are certainly very ,very odd ”? 4? , “The grown-ups are certainly altogether extraordinary ”? 5?.

All the words are from the little prince ,just like a child who do not understand adults’ acts. ” Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them. ”? 6? How different the world of adults and children! The second part is little prince’s journey on earth . The gold snake is a very important character . It is the first thing which little prince comes across on the earth . It claims to have the power to return him to his home planet (A clever way to say that he can kill people, thus “Sending anyone he wishes back to the land from whence ha came. ? 7? )It makes me think of the snake appeared in Bible, which stands for the authority and mystery . It is the snake who finally bites the little prince, sending him to the heaven and being together with his deeply beloved rose again . The snake witnesses the little prince’s coming and leaving . However, what impresses me most is the fox . The fox is the symbol of wisdom . He explains to the little prince that his rose is unique and special, because she is the one that he loves. He also explains that in a way the little prince has tamed the flower, as it has tamed him, and that this is why he now feels responsible for it .

He tells the little prince his secret: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. ”? 8? “It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important. ”? 9? Think about ourselves . We are looking for happiness ,but we do not know what happiness is on earth . So we always ignore something important in our hearts and drive away our true happiness inadvertently . From the little prince’s journey ,we see hundreds of scenes of human society and various of people losing themselves in the material world .

Power ,vanity ,voracity and recreance are swallowing the soul of humans . However ,we see something beautiful in the end :love . The little prince was willing to be bite by the snake ,because he loved his rose . he wants to return to his own planet . He missed her . He realized his true love after a series of experiences . It is a pure love . How about us ? When will we realize our true love ? When will we find the one who is always be here with us and pay everything for us ? Sometimes we may be cheated by our eyes ,so we need to use our hearts more and listen to our hearts more .

The writer said that this book is “to Leon Werth (one of his friends) when he was a little boy”? 10?. Though the words in the book are simple, so many images in the book are far from a child’s understanding . But if a person read this book in an adult’s version, he can not understand it either . A special book need some special reader . Those who have a childish heart and adult’s thought at the same time can most likely enjoy it . In a word, this is a great book for special people and you need to read it with your pure heart . Enjoy it!


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