Acceptable Use Policy (Aup) Definition

Acceptable Use Policy (Aup) Definition

Assignment 1: Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Definition I am a network intern at Richman Investments. My supervisor has asked me to make an Acceptable Use Policy for our company because one of our employees infected our server with a virus. So in order to keep the organization safe I have come up with a Acceptable Use Policy for Richman Investments. 1. 0 Introduction Richman Investments at all times is to establish acceptable and unacceptable use of electronic devices and network resources.

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All employees of Richman Investments must comply with the rules and regulations for use of the Internet, sending e-mail, going to social media sites, and downloading attachments. The Richman Investments AUP will help achieve these goals. 2. 0 Scope Every supervisor, employee and temporary employee that works for Richman Investments must follow this policy as it is written. This policy also applies to all equipment affiliated with Richman Investments. 3. 0 Policy 3. 1 General 1. As an employee of Richman Investments, you are responsible for using good judgment regarding the use of internet access.

In ordnance with the policies set forth by Richman Investments resources may not be used for any unlawful or prohibited purpose. For extra security Richman Investments will monitor all systems, equipment, and network using the Audit Policy. Any devices that might interfere with the Richman Investments network will be immediately disconnected. Firewalls must be turn on at all times. 3. 2 Security 1. Every device connected to the Richman Investments network must comply with the Access Control Policy 2. All employees of Richman Investments must keep their passwords secure. . Every laptop, PDA, desktop or workstations must be secured with a password protected screensaver and with a activation lock of 15 minutes or less. All employees must log off when they are finished using the device. 4. Always use encryption in compliance with Richman Investments Acceptable Encryption Use Policy. 5. All Richman Investments employees should use caution with opening up an e-mail attachment. Do not open up an e-mail attachment from a unnamed source. These attachments might contain spam, viruses or even Trojan Horses. 3. Unacceptable Use 1. Sending spam using e-mail, text messages, or instant messages 2. Giving your password out to other employees, or letting other employees use your account. 3 Unauthorized copying of copyrighted material that includes books, music, photographs or magazines. 4. Causing a security breach to Richman Investments or other network resources, but not limited to, accessing data, servers, or accounts you don’t have access to which you are not authorized. 4. 0 Enforcement Any employee who violates this policy will be immediately terminated


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