Amir’s Redemption

Amir’s Redemption

Amir’s Redemption In the novel The Kite Runner the character Amir Jan respond in a significant way to justice for Sohrab. Amir Jan feels that since Sohrab is his nephew and his half-brother Hassan is dead he should rescue sohrab from the orphanage and bring him back to America to live with him and his wife Soraya. Even though Hassan and Amir went through good times and bad times Amir feels it’s his duty to help his family out though he did them wrong. Amir goes back to Pakistan to rescue Sohrab and find that he’s in the hands of Assef the man that raped his brother.

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Amir see’s what happen to Hassan the day he’d gotten raped and did not tell anyone about it so now that he has faced Assef a second time he’s determined to defeat him. Though things did not go according to plan Sohrab saves Amir with his slingshot the same way Hassan saved Amir back when they were younger. Amir thinks he have rescued Sohrab, but finds out that Sohrab would have to go that Sohrab parents are deceased. Sohrab refused to go back to an orphanage giving what happened to him like: getting abused and raped. Sohrab rather kill himself instead of going back there so he slices his wrist.

Amir finds Sohrab and take him to a hospital so he can get better. At this point Amir really want to find out information on how he can get the people to let Sohrab to live with Soraya and him without papers. Amir talks to his father-in-law to figure out any ways they can get custody of Sohrab without Sohrab parents death certificate. The general finds a way and let Amir know so Amir tells Sohrab, but Sohrab does not look or seem to be excited. Amir buys a kite for Sohrab and two get into a battle with another kite and win.

Amir goes to run to catch the kite and says (in the text), “For you, a thousand times over. ” With Amir saying he would do any and everything for Sohrab in the quote made Sohrab smile knowing someone cares about him even with his parents gone. With Amir going to run the kite for Sohrab he says to Sohrab the last words Hassan said to him before Hassan was raped, but despite the fact that those were the circumstances the last time these words appeared in the book, the hopeful tone suggests Amir has paid his price and found his redemption with justice in rescuing his nephew.


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