Attitudes To Success In Great Gatsby English Literature Essay

Attitudes To Success In Great Gatsby English Literature Essay

The success is one of the biggest and most controversial subjects we can happen. Some of us may believe it is merely inquiry of attitude, or we may state you should be born in a comfortable environment if you want achieve good conditions to populate. But in this essay we are traveling to do focal point merely on one novel, The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald ; and one topographic point, America. This relevant novel was published in 1925, but written between 1923 and 1925. The storyteller, Nick Carraway, describes the events, sometimes from his ain position or objectively and other times the motives of the other characters. Scott Fitzgerald uses Nick ‘s voice to demo his ain sentiment, to declare something or to denounce. This paper will concentrate on how the success is treated through the characters, how is it the contemplation of the society in this era, and the good or unfavorable consequences that success may hold in their lives.

The Great Gatsby “ is a fresh about production ” ( Fitzgerald xviii ) and it has become one of the most cardinal novel in the American literature. But this happened merely when Fitzgerald died, it was non like this in its first publication. It has normally been the synonymous to the writer, and a perfect illustration of how the Roaring 20s were lunacy and perversion in every motion, qualities really good expressed in our novel. One of the motivations why this novel has become so of import is the prescient it shows: “ Prescient, foremost of all, in the narrow sense that Fitzgerald ‘s portraiture of dizzying, egotistic wealth and its sudden corruptness spookily prefigured the US stock-master ‘s 1929 ‘Great Crash ‘ and the subsequent Depression. ” ( Fitzgerald v-vi ) . Scott Fitzgerald was born in 1896, epoch where there were no manner of traveling but the Equus caballuss, and the society lived without electricity, therefore, he besides lived a immense advancement in his life and society ‘s. The Roaring 20s are know, and so are Fitzgerald ‘s pieces, by the melancholy and the society which feels disorientated where they are, softened with wind music and drinks.

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Both, the writer and the chief character, portion legion resemblances that we may even state that this novel is, in fact, a life. So much so that both of them made their fiscal success on their ain. Fitzgerald made his first economic luck by composing his first bill of exchanges of the novel, and with the publication of it, came the success. This event gave him the economical support he needed to get married Zelda. They met in Alabama, where he was sent to help a cantonment. Jay Gatsby had the same state of affairs ; he had to do luck if he wanted to get married Daisy, and that is why he worked so difficult in his life. This was his chief motive, the love of a adult female. The one and the other besides had discontentedness for their milieus and felt like foreigners. Scott Fitzgerald wrote a novel about society, wealth and felicity, and Gatsby gave the tone at the really beginning of it:

In my younger and more vulnerable old ages my male parent gave me some advice that I ‘ve been turning over in my head of all time since. ‘Whenever you feel like knocking anyone, ‘ he told me, ‘just retrieve that all the people in this universe have n’t had the advantages that you ‘ve had. ‘ He did n’t state any more, but we ‘ve ever been remarkably communicative in a reserved manner, and I understood that he meant a great trade more than that. In effect, I ‘m inclined to reserve all opinions a wont that has opened upmany funny natures to me and besides made me the victim of non a few veteran dullards.

( Fitzgerald 3 )

This is one of the differentiations the Scott Fitzgerald makes on this, the difference between East and West of Long Island. Two different parts which were “ separated merely by a courtesy bay ” ( Fitzgerald 5 ) , but even more, by an intangible line, divided the rich people by nature in one side, and the “ new Born ” rich in the other 1. In the East Egg, we could happen the already installed rich people, they were affluent since coevalss before, “ Surrounded from childhood by the unreal security of wealth, accustomed to having instead than desiring, they lack of anxiousness or semblance, defeat or fulfillmen ” ( Lockridge 56 ) . The West Egg was the side of the people who were born in non as good conditions as the East. They made their luck by their ain, working hard, “ I lived in the West Egg, the – well, the less stylish of the two, though this is a most superficial ticket to show the bizarre and non a small sinister contrast between them. ” ( Fitzgerald 5 ) . But the relation between one side and the other, although both of them are rich, and have the same aspirations, being and having every bit much as they want, is non good. The East Egg thinks the West Egg deficiencies of edification, and they stay apart in the parties that Gatsby celebrates. Peoples from East Egg came to Gatsby ‘s parties, but tried non to be truly involved. The Sloanes were invited to one of the parties, and they came, but they stayed with the other dwellers from East Egg, “ Mr Sloane did n’t come in into the conversation, but lounged back haughtily in his chair ; the adult female said nil either – until out of the blue, after two highballs, she became affable. ‘We ‘ll all come over to your following party, Mr Gatsby, ‘- she suggested.- ‘What do you state? ‘ . ‘Certainly ; I ‘d be delighted to hold you ‘ . ‘Be ver ‘ nice, ‘- said Mr Sloane, without gratitude. – ‘Well-think ought to be get downing place. ” ( Fitzgerald 65-66 ) .

Gatsby had low roots and could non bury them, the same as his childhood and his yesteryear. It was hard for him to obtain the success and the position that was given to the other by born in a higher societal category. The manner he had to follow to acquire success in his life started when he was a kid. He had a agenda which he followed every individual twenty-four hours:

Rise from bed 6.00 A.M.

Dumbbell exercising and wall-scaling 6.15-6.30 ”

Study electricity, etc. 7.15-8.15 ”

Work 8.30-4.30 P.M.

Baseball and athleticss 4.30-5.00 ”

Practise elocution, poise and how to achieve it 5.00-6.00 ”

Study needed innovation 7.00-9.00 ”

( Fitzgerald 110 )

This is the walk he followed to acquire all the large luck and the house. This agenda shows reasonably much Gatsby ‘s childhood. He wanted to acquire his dream, normally known as the “ American Dream ” . He wanted to better himself by being hardworking, dying and energetic. Apart from holding a large luck and success in his hereafter, one of the grounds why he pursued this life style, was because he wanted to come back with Daisy. He believed that the yesteryear could be repeated, and so he did it. He was obsessed with Daisy, his love, and he chases her as a alone adult male ; he is portrayed as the romantic hero par excellence. Jay Gatsby wanted to reiterate his perfect yesteryear with Daisy and money was the lone manner to make it. But it did non complete how he wanted. And it was effect of his lower category, for illustration, Tom knew Daisy would ne’er go forth him for Gatsby, a adult male who comes from a lower category, and with his background. She left Gatsby one time, and would make it for the 2nd clip. In this state of affairs Gatsby is showed every bit lonely as he would likely be when he was immature.

The “ American Dream ” is normally defined as the chase of felicity, as the possibility of all the Americans to be what they want to be, and have all of them the same chances to accomplish the aims in their lives with attempt and integrity. “ The Great Gatsby is an geographic expedition of the American dream as it exists in a corrupt period, and it is an effort to find that concealed boundary that divides the world from the semblances. The semblances seem more existent that world itself. ” ( Lockridge 38 ) . Jay Gatsby represents the world, the true thought of the American Dream ; he successes non merely in doing his ain luck, but besides in making a wholly new life, and be of import in the societal life of Long Island. F. Scott Fitzgerald is non knocking the American dream, but the corruptness of the same. Jay Gatsby wanted to better himself, and do a name for him, and really, he succeeds. But his thought of success became corrupted ; he was so haunted in doing a big amount of money to acquire Daisy that he was non able to separate the fact of being affluent from trailing his chase, acquiring Daisy. The first one did non directed into the other, but he was contaminated by his ideals that he could non recognize it.

The American Dream had been corrupted by the thought of philistinism, but it is more seeable in the characters of Tom, Daisy and Myrtle, apart from Gatsby. Tom, for illustration, has invariably dealingss born outside the matrimony, Myrtell and Jordan ; however he has a girl with Daisy, who he does non even see her regularly. For Tom, all those adult females represent different constructs. Daisy is the higher societal place, and Myrtell is his ain masculine power above adult females, his maleness. Daisy is besides corrupted by the philistinism and position ; she loved Gatsby when they were immature, but did non acquire married because he did non belong to the societal category that Daisy wanted for herself. Alternatively of that, she got married with Tom, the 1 who assured her a higher position. And even married with Tom, she still loves Gatsby,

‘Who wants to travel yo town? ‘- demanded Daisy insistently. Gatsby ‘s eyes floated towards her.- ‘Ah, ‘- she cried, – ‘you look so cool. ‘ Their eyes met, and they stared together at each other, entirely in infinite. With an attempt she glanced down at the tabular array. ‘You ever look so cool, ‘- she repeated. She had told him that she loved him, and Tom Buchanan saw. He was astounded. His oral cavity opened a small, and he looked at Gatsby, and so back at Daisy as if he had merely recognised her as person he knew a long clip ago.

( Fitzgerald 75 ) .

She loved him, but ne’er left Tom for Gatsby. And eventually, Myrtell, she uses Tom to get away from her relationship with George. Tom is merely a distraction who provides her fiscal success.

The of import point is having, have large houses, immense lucks, beautiful apparels and belong to a higher societal category, the definition of “ achieve the aims ” does non mind any more. The money is the first guilty of the dream ‘s decease and the first concern of about all the characters, “ It was all really careless and confused. They were careless people, Tom and Daisy- they smashed up things and animals and so retreated back into their money or their huge sloppiness or whatever it was that kept them together, and allow other people clean up the muss they had made. ” ( Fitzgerald 114 ) . Tom merely care about their adulterous dealingss, and Daisy did non care about Tom ‘s unfaithfulness ; she knew what he how he was moving but ne’er said anything. They merely concern about their ain success and what the remainder of the society think about them.

Jay Gatsby built his luck illicitly, he did non mind about the people, through bootlegging and other patterns. That is how he became a comfortable adult male. His love for Daisy was such broad that when she killed a adult female when they came back from New York, he decided that he could take the incrimination for the accident. This and the undermentioned events, will take Gatsby to his ain decease. All the success he enjoyed turned all of a sudden into failure. Gatsby ‘s decease shows that his chase of the American dream was wholly a failure, he was an foreigner in society. He lived being a alone adult male, he celebrated all the parties to acquire company, and he died entirely, merely with a few people in his funeral, and among them was the presence of Nick. Nick called Daisy, but she had left with Tom: he besides called Meyer Wolfshiem, but he answers stating he could non be involved because he was busy. Jay Gatsby died without friends. His aim of acquiring married to Daisy, his American Dream, was clearly a licking. That is why Nick Carraway had to set up everything, he was, and continues being after his decease, his lone true friend. “ At first I was surprised and confused ; so, as he lay in his house and did n’t travel or take a breath or talk, hr upon hr, it grew upon me that I was responsible because no 1 else interested – interested, I mean, with that intense personal involvement to which everyone has some obscure right at the terminal ” . ( Fitzgerald 104 ) . But, really, in Gatsby ‘s funeral there was person unexpected ; his pa, Henry, was at that place, because of the decease of his boy. Gatsby ‘s male parent explained some information about Gatsby, he showed the agenda written in his book in 1906, he was truly immature and he already aspires to his self-made success. As an sarcasm, the aims and luck that had distanced Gatsby from his yesteryear and his low roots, had turned into the purposes by which Henry, his male parent, came back to him, to be together at his decease.

At the terminal of the novel, Nick makes mention one time once more to the “ green visible radiation ” , which Gatsby had made of it his American Dream, “ the colour green stands for his ceaseless hope for her love and maps as a symbol of his hope, as it is largely associated with the green visible radiation at DaisyA?s dock ” ( Deitermann 3 ) ; taking us at the same clip to the dreams and hopes of the society. An in those last words, he lets the readers think about Nick CarrawayA?s ain success. It depended someway on Gatsby ‘s prosperity. Their relationship was truly good ; Gatsby had changed his life, and Nick met Daisy, Tom and the remainder of the characters thanks to Gatsby. His decease and the memories of the old twelvemonth they spent together gave him the attitude to go on life, and with a new positive attitude. “ Gatsby believed in the green visible radiation, the orgiastic hereafter that twelvemonth by twelvemonth recedes before us. It eluded us so, but that ‘s no affair – tomorrow we will run quicker, stretch out our weaponries farther… And one mulct forenoon – So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back endlessly into the yesteryear. ” ( Fitzgerald 115 ) . All the characters continued their lives, burying or non the last events, populating from now on a normal life. This is what was expected of them in the Roaring 20A?s, come back to their money and parties, and allow the others worry about their duties.

This is one of the chief facets why The Great Gatsby has been such a success, it represents the day-to-day life. Tom and Daisy went off, and Nick was the lone 1 who stayed with Gatsby when all who attended his parties, all of them overruning with people. “ FitzgeraldA?s narrative, although a fiction, is informed by world, assisting to do it one of the most cherished pieces of early 20th century American fiction. ” ( Maurer ) . Both the same, in the novelA?s period and now, people does non truly care about others, but merely about themselves ; it shows the prevailing philistinism, and the society in general. This society is full of corruptness and calamity, personified in the novel by Jay Gatsby, who tries and does non accomplish anything, and his incapacity to make his American Dream.

Through this novel, the reader has experienced the hard and arduous class that success in life implies. It may sometimes stop in felicity, but besides on occasions may complete in a fatal terminal. Jay Gatsby spends all his life seeking to accomplish an object, but he makes of it an compulsion. This is the ground why he loses most of the chief things in life, the household, friends and felicity. Gatsby represents the American Dream, because he tries to obtain felicity and love, but this turns impossible for him. Although it is conceited, a dream is truly necessary to populate ; he needed a intent in his life. Nevertheless, the letdown he experiments besides represents the terminal of the American Dream, in which societal divisions and money success predominate. The Great Gatsby shows that success is non merely composed by money and buying power, but by a big sum of properties.


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