Business and Its Role in Society

Business and Its Role in Society

Running head: Business and its role in Society Hoppis, R Running head: Business and its role in Society Homework ES Rita Hoppis Devry University Online Author Note This paper was prepared for BUSN 115, online, taught by Professor Williams. Business and its role in Society 1 Abstract In the world of business and its role in society there are many factors we look at.

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When we break it down business is the activity that provides goods and services, and how these activities are distributed among the players is according to what economic system is in place. The business environment is shaped by factors that influence the length a business will have success or will have to close its doors. Courtesy of Mr. Williams here is a visual of the four influences that shape our business environment and a farmer view of our economic system. (Four Influences that shape our business environment, 2011, p. ) (A Farmers view of the Economic System, 2011, p. 1) [pic] [pic] This paper is a home work assignment that will show my understanding of the questions asked upon the test and the relevance of my answers to the questions. Business and its role in Society 2 When a hurricane or flood or a pandemic strikes a country, which is most likely to respond first?

Our government would run to our rescue to calm the citizens. Then the command economy will distribute all the jobs to be done to the appropriate organizations; these organizations would be for profit and non-profit alike depending on the circumstances. The command economy as well as a non-profit organization might provide housing, food, and water. An organization for profit might supply labor and materials for a clean up or rebuild of the area in crisis.

Which economic system is the best solution for handling a crisis of epic proportion? Out of the command system I would say socialism; socialism is a shared responsibility. The government will supply the money while the labors, reconstruction, clean up, and etc… is distributed among those profit and non-profit organizations. What Advantages Might A Socialist System Have In Responding To The Needs Of People Struck By An Emergency Situation Like The Earthquake That Occurred In Haiti In January, 2010?

A socialist system is a system that distributes profits among the people, and would have an organized method of distributing all work to the appropriate organization, and to insure that each organization is compensated appropriately for their share of the work. In doing this all organizations will have equal access to the products and services needed to accomplish the task at hand. According to a post in the Socialism or your money back “Most natural dangers are well known and socialism would not need to leave communities exposed to them.

This would avoid many disasters. Also, contingency plans would exist throughout the regions and at a world level for the relief of any catastrophe. Emergency supplies of food, clean water, and medical supplies would be maintained at strategic points whilst machinery, equipment and helpers would be moved quickly to the area of crisis. The present appeals for money are a pathetic substitute for the availability of real resources and the freedom that communities in socialism would have to immediately use them”.

Business and its role in Society 3 When disasters hit an area, the cost of everything seems to go up immediately: food, water, housing, gas, and so forth. Explain why this phenomenon may be a good thing, using supply and demand to explain your answer. In the case of a disaster the prices go up as a way to bring people in to help, and to help pay the people and the supplies they will bring. Raising the price of these items will cause a ration on the environment which will force people to reduce the amount consumed.

Forcing a limit on food, water, housing, and etc… will cause an outbreak and panic among the public which will lead to looting, theft, and even some death; all around civil disorder will take place. References 4 Johnstone, A. (2010, January). Haiti-An Un-Natural Disaster. Socialism or your money back. Retrieved from http://socialismoryourmoneyback. blogspot. com/2010/01/haiti-un-natural- disaster. html


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