Business Culture in Uk and China

Business Culture in Uk and China

Business Culture in the UK and China Greeting and conversation UK It is common to shaking hands. It is considered the polite way to greet someone and one should use last name and appropriate titles when addressing the host. Before discussing business matters, people usually make ‘small talk’. This is often on a topic such as the weather, transport or sport. Humour is often used. China In China, meetings start with the shaking of hands and a slight nod of the head. The Chinese are not keen on physical contact – especially when doing business.

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Body language and movement are both areas that Chinese people pay attention to. The business partner should always be calm, collected and controlled. It is a sign of being self-controlled and worthy of respect. Humour is not appropriate when doing business because it comes too informal. They are humourless but rather jokes may be lost in translation and hence be redundant. Making appointments UK Usually meetings are normally arranged some days in advance. Punctuality is very important.

If the business partner is going to be late, it is appreciated that he/she makes a phone call let them know. China Meetings must be made in advance. Punctuality is vital when doing business in China. Late arrivals are seen as an insult. Meetings begin with some brief small talk. For example what were the experiences so far in China. It is important for Chinese people that their foreign visitor is positive and avoids anything political. Giving gifts UK There are rules and customs on giving business gifts in the UK, some formal, some informal.

There is a basic law to ensure gifts cannot be given to persuade somebody to do something outside their normal job. Many businesses have a code of conduct to help their employees understand the law, for example: Employees should not accept business gifts, except items of very small value such as business diaries or calendars. China The giving of gifts does not carry any negative connotations when doing business in China. Gifts should always be exchanged for celebrations, as thanks for assistance and even as a sweetener for future favours.

However, it is important not to give gifts in the absence of a good reason or a witness. This may be construed differently. Chinese often ask their business partners what they would like. They appreciate when their business partner demonstrates an interest of Chinese culture for example asking for an ink painting or tea. http://www. refugeesintobusiness. org. uk/OneStopCMS/Core/CrawlerResourceServer. aspx? resource=DE26 A412-A29E-486E-B55C-231120225F8C&mode=link http://www. kwintessential. co. uk/etiquette/doing-business-china. html


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