Career Marketing Plan

Career Marketing Plan

|Career Marketing Plan | |MKT 3010 | |Wenzhu Mou | Mission Statement To provide professional accounting consulting services for small to midsize business at a lower cost than big accounting firms. Current Marketing Situation Market Description • Segmented by positioning: I segmented the accounting industry in 4 categories: corporate accounting, government accounting, public accounting, and independent accounting ) Public accounting provides services including auditing, tax consulting, and merger and acquisition advices. (Main services provided by Big Four on wetfeet. com) The main business in public accounting is auditing. Most people working in this field get certification as a CPA. Tax consultants help clients maximize their company’s profit by manipulating the income statement to deduct tax. Other consultants may help companies to evaluate employee compensation, benefits and manage their assets.

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What auditors do is “audit financial information and prepare statements for investors or officials to show that their financial activities have been properly conducted and reported. ” (careeroverview. com) The Big Four, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Ernst & Young, KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers, have business sections such as assurance, taxation, and advisory. The Big Four have led the industry as they create an oligopoly in public accounting field. So in public accounting, there are these three main sub-segments. (wikipedia. com) 2) Corporate accounting is also called in-house accounting.

Every company has accountants setting budgets, managing accounts and assets, tracking payroll, and other financial matters. In-house accountants are also responsible for managing company’s accounts payable and accounts receivable. These accountants also conduct internal auditing for the company. Accountants in a firm are critical to management’s decision making process. They set budgets and prepare financial statements for managers. 3) Government accounting focuses on the flow of financial resources rather than economic resources on which public and corporate accounting mainly focuses.

They also do budgeting, auditing, and tracking costs and revenues. (wikipedia. com/governmentaccounting) According to job description that Bureau of Labor Statistics gives, “Government accountants and auditors work in the public sector, maintaining and examining the records of government agencies and auditing private businesses and individuals whose activities are subject to government regulations or taxation. Accountants employed by Federal, State, and local governments ensure that revenues are received and expenditures are made in accordance with laws and regulations. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, Accountants and Auditors) 4) Individual accounting is always in the form of partnership. Just like what big accounting firms are doing, individual accountants help prepare tax returns for small companies, and also advice small businesses. People in individual accounting usually are CPAs, and have experiences working in big accounting firms, knowing how the industry runs. This is what I really want to do as it is stated in my mission statement. Segmented by the size of accounting firms

In accounting industry, the size of the firm determines its customers, service mix, office location, and annual income. 1) International accounting firms. The Big Four are the most famous and largest accounting firms worldwide. Mentioned above, the Big Four are Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Ernst & Young, KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers. They all have over 135,000 employees, 100 offices, and $22 billion revenues for the fiscal year of 2009. ( Big Four Reports 2009 ) According to the industry overview on hoovers. com, the whole industry generates about $120 billion in US.

In bigfouralumni. com, I found that they totally generated $31. 6 gross revenues in 2009, which means that the Big Four hold over 25% of the whole accounting market in the US. (Top 100 firms reveal) Their clients are mainly world’s largest firms. That decides the main service line is auditing. A multinational client will need guidance on the tax regimes in all the countries it operates in, for example. Also, to maintain investor confidence, a corporation needs to engage an accountancy firm with a high reputation for probity, which may tend to favor the more established majors.

Switching from a “big four” auditor to a smaller player may be viewed negatively by the capital markets – however unfairly – and it may be advantageous to retain one accountancy firm, which has a deep understanding of the client business, rather than switching. (Industry profile: Accountancy in the United States, Data Monitor) From the 2009 Big Four Firms Analysis, I found that the Audit service line accounts for almost 50% of the total revenues. Their main business is in the US, as over 40% of their revenues were generated in the US in 2009. ) National/regional accounting firms. These accounting firms have office(s) in a region or in the whole country. These mid-sized firms have more than 100 employees in one office, and may have more than 1 office national-wide. These firms also provide auditing, tax preparing, and advising services. But unlike Big Four, auditing does not contribute that much to their business. 3) Small and local accounting firms. These firms and individual accounting segment have some kind of overlap. Small accounting firms mainly provide services to local small businesses.

And their main services are payroll and tax preparation. Since small businesses don’t have enough work force to do all the accounting works, and they don’t need auditing that much as they don’t have stockholders, they have to outsource for accountants to help them prepare tax, payroll, and maybe bookkeeping. So small accounting firms’ focus is mainly on tax, advising, payroll, and bookkeeping. As it is described on hoovers. com, the industry is fragmented: the 50 largest firms hold less than 50% of the market.

So the small firms have great business opportunities in their own areas and have quite wide service area. Trend Analysis Opportunities The world economy experienced a tough time during 2008 and 2009. The economic downturn has impacts on the accounting industry, too, as accounting industry is tied closely to the performance of all other industries. Compared to two-digit decline rate in other industries, accounting industry did pretty well by keeping the decline in 5%-11%, while combined revenues of the Big Four falling 7%.

Since the worst financial crisis in the recent 70 years has almost passed, accounting firms now start to get back to its growing pace during 2000-2008. A research conducted by datamonitor. com revealed that “the US accountancy market had total revenue of $112,226. 6 million in 2009,…, and the performance of the market is forecast to accelerate, with an anticipated compounded annual growth rate of 6. 8% for the next five years, which is expected to drive the market to a value of $115,836. 4 million by the year 2014. The growth rate may not be as great as it was before 2008, but the whole market will surely keep expanding in the future, and create more job opportunities and personal income will surely increase. In smaller accounting firms, there are also opportunities brought by the growing number of small businesses. According to ADP National Employment Report for October, 2010, employment among small- and medium-business increased by 42,000 in total. (ADP National Employment Report) The growing trend of private companies has widen the market for small accounting firms, as small businesses need customized tax preparation services.

Also, another opportunity I found in small business is that the small-size companies need help from banks in transitions going on from cash and checks to electronic and cards in order to save money and be more efficient in their operations, both in terms of collecting receivables and accelerating their availability on their deposits. (March, 2007 issue of Bank System & Technology) But banks won’t give enough priorities in serving the small segment of market, because they won’t get enough return if they provide these services to small businesses. This slot is also what small ccounting firms can fill with customized consulting, bookkeeping, and accounts management services. In a bigger picture, more and more companies are outsourcing their accounting staff. Regardless of the company size, outsourcing is a trend to save cost and thus create opportunities in the accounting field. Tax preparation service line has been expanding in Big Four’s business, though auditing has always been their No 1 service line. The economic recovery and outsourcing trend give me plenty opportunities either to enter large accounting firms or to start small company.

Threats Despite the opportunities, there are also some threats. Competition is always the biggest threat in the industry. Many people see opportunities in this field as I see, so the competition is becoming fiercer and fiercer. Globalization is an opportunity, but also a threat to my career. As big companies have offices almost in every country in the world, accountants, especially auditors in large accounting firms have to travel to different places to audit their clients. This means that knows only tax policies and accounting standards in my own country is not enough.

It requires broader accounting knowledge and vision. College is not enough for me if I want to work in the Big Four. I have to “globalize myself” to satisfy employers’ needs. Providing customized, satisfied, and low-cost accounting services to small business is my ultimate goal in my career life. Now, large companies are expanding their business. As well as keeping their main, large clients, they start to explore their business into small business market. The large accounting firms are also a main threat if I want to start my private accounting business in the future. Marketing Strategy Target Market

When I graduate, I want to mark big international public accounting firms as my target market. To be more specific, the Big Four. First, I want to gain some experience working in big public accounting firms before I start my own accounting firm. In big public accounting firms, they have complete accounting service lines, such as auditing, taxation, and advising. I can learn essential skills in different departments, be familiar with the accounting industry as a whole, and develop my network. Also, working in big firms give me the chance to try different businesses, and find out which part is my favorite.

Another reason why I choose big public accounting firms is that they all provide overall trainings for employees to improve their skills and knowledge in all stages of their career life in the company. Take Pricewaterhouse Coopers as an example. Stated in its annual report 2009, “we operate a broad range of technical training, industry knowledge, and leadership programs for our people at every stage of their careers. ”(PwC Annual Report–Growth) These trainings will help me build my career as a private accountant as well as the experiences gained.

Following the economic recovery, the big accounting firms are hiring more people annually, because the demand for accounting services has been increasing since 2009. US corporate profits, an indicator of demand for accounting services, jumped 34% in the first quarter of 2010 to the same period in 2009. (hoovers. com) This will also make it easier to find my first job in large accounting firms than starting my own business from the beginning. Working in big companies has other advantages. I can get to use the accounting system and apply what I have learnt in college in real practices.

Getting to know what lies under the technical system is very helpful if I want to open my own accounting firm and choose an accounting system that really fits the business. In all, I choose big public accounting firms as my target market after graduation, and as a career starting. Product Strategy Strengths Professional knowledge. I have taken CPA required accounting courses and will take more auditing and tax courses to graduate with a bachelor degree in Business Administration specializing in Accounting. My major accumulated GPA is 3. 3 till now. International vision.

Having studied in Asia and the US equipped me with two different ways to see a problem and understanding of the importance of cultural differences in business world. I also had an internship in San Francisco during the summer, 2010. Working with people with a different culture is different with studying abroad. There were more differences in working styles and problem-solving process. Having experienced and been used to work and communicate with people from different cultures, I gained great communication skills and the ability to adapt to a new working environment.

Big accounting firms always require their employees to travel to different places to conduct audition or other accounting services. Working with people from other places in the world is inevitable, either colleagues or clients. International vision is surely strength for me. Good communication skills I took a business communication class from which I improved my business writing, speaking and listening skills. The class is especially for business use, all formal and effective. I had a summer job in the admission section in college. Answering phone calls and replying emails were part of my everyday job.

I could efficiently resolve applicants concerns regarding to admission and give advices. Communication is the most important part in all kinds of service industries, no exception for accounting. Only with good and efficient communication with clients, can we know clients’ needs and requirement and deliver satisfied services. Information management skills I can effectively collect and filter information for the clients, providing the most valuable information to the customers in a logical order. Part of my responsibility when I was working in Admission Office was preparing and sorting applicants’ profiles for the interviewers.

Accountants must have the ability to handle plenty of transaction information and paperwork and make neat and clear reports out of stacks of paperwork. Focusing on customer needs When I interned in the accounting department of Crowne Plaza Hotel this summer, I corrected wrong billing cases to customers’ credit cards. Customers called or emailed us to complain about the wrong billing. What I did was find out the transaction receipt with the wrong billing and make corrections in the hotel accounting system and customer’s account. I gained strong sense of customer-based service and what it really is.

I can dig out customer’s needs and find the right way to fulfill those needs. I believe it is becoming more and more important to focus on customers as service industry has become the main industry nowadays as we discussed in class. Quick Learner I am a quick learner. At the beginning of my internship with Crowne Plaza, it took me only a week to learn and use the hotel’s operation system proficiently. I used the system for two months to route invoices to Accounts Receivable, manage invoices, and make room reservations. Weaknesses Not a good persuader

I am a good listener and can always get people’s points quickly, but I am a little weak at persuading others. That might be a problem that I respect others’ opinion too much that I don’t feel very comfortable make people accept my points. I can clearly state my views, and list out reasons that lead to my conclusion. What I need to improve is my persuasion skills. Lack of work experience Although I had an internship relating to accounting, I do not have experience working in a public accounting firm. I know little about how can I use accounting theories in real business.

With a lot of competition out there in the market, I know being a new graduate is a weakness. But this can have an advantage from another aspect. Newly graduates have fewer restrictions in their minds and are more creative and innovative. Not a multi-tasker I can do at most two things at one time. This may have effects on my working efficiency. I can only finish my job better when I am totally focused on it. If it was the tax season, a multi-tasker would work on his or her projects a lot easier and more efficient than I do. Product Review • Core Product: Increasing customers’ satisfaction.

With the ability of uncovering clients’ needs and wants, and the ability to provide tailored service based on their needs, customers will feel more satisfied with the company. (See strengths above) Reinforce employer’s creditability and build customer loyalty. I can provide detailed and tailored accounting services based on customers’ needs. The good service quality will help reinforce company’s image in customers’ impressions. When customers once had a great “shopping” experience, they would come back for us again and make strong connection with the company.

Hiring me can help develop long-tern relationship with clients and provide valuable customer information for customer relationship management. Team harmonizing. I am a team player, and I always play the team maintenance role in different projects. I can make everyone in the team feel comfortable to speak out their thoughts and keep everyone happy to discuss the best solution. My good interpersonal communication skills can help build good relationship among team members. Improving team efficiency. As stated above, I can always keep a team running in harmony, and thus will improve a team’s working efficiency.

Increasing company’s profit. Combining all aspects above, the most obvious benefit I can offer is increasing company’s profit. With great services provided, short-term profits will increase since more customers will come for company’s great reputation. In long-term, I can keep very good customer relationship to lower costs and keep them coming back. • Actual Product: 1. Professional accounting knowledge. 2. International vision. Have experience studying and working with people from different part of the world. 3. Good business communication skills, writing, listening and speaking. . Information management skills, sorting, filtering, and filing documents. 5. Corporate accounting internship experience in a hotel. The two-month real life working experience has taken me one step further from college to practice. 6. A good team player, knowing how to keep a team working in harmony and high efficiency. 7. Information technology literacy. I took different IT classes in my freshman and sophomore years. I learned to use a totally strange hotel operation system in one week during my internship. Excellent in MS Word and Excel. • Augment Product 1.

Willing to take training sessions and learn new skills whatever the stage I am in my career. 2. Travel. I am willing to travel to different places to meet clients, audit their financial reports, or for other issues. 3. Long working hours. I am willing to work 50 — 60 hours per week, up to 70 hours in busy seasons. 4. Willing to work on probation for 3 months to let the employer see my ability and prove that I can do the job. Product Development From next fall, I still have two years in college. In these two years, I have to develop my strengths furthermore, and improve my weaknesses to meet employers’ needs.

Develop my strengths First, I have to take advanced accounting classes, tax classes, and auditing classes to meet the requirements of CPA exams. (Ohio CPA exam requirement) I also want to get two internships in public accounting firms. Getting to know the differences between public accounting and corporate accounting will allow me to be sure whether I really want to work in public accounting after graduation. Internships will also lead me to see more of the whole accounting industry. If I could I would also like to have an internship even during school months. Internships are very important for future career.

I may end up having a full-time job from an internship. So I will take any chance to get internships related to accounting to see where my interests lie, to dig out my passion for the job, and to build network with employers. Improve my weaknesses To improve my persuasive skills and raise my confidence, I will take speech classes and psychology classes in the next two years. Speech classes can help me overcome the nervousness when I talk in front of people and improve my presentation skills. I choose psychology class because I want to know how a person will react to different ways of persuasion.

Knowing people’s mental routes and reactions will definitely help me a lot to find the best way to persuade people with my strengths. Internships, as discussed above, can enrich my resume with more working experience. Develop a habit of scheduling everyday activities. Becoming a multi-tasker means I need to have better time management skills and planning skills. I will try to combine different tasks, and try to finish them at one time, like check my emails while having breakfast, and keep a notebook and a pencil to write during a long trip. It is like time management.

I have to manage the use of time wisely and train myself to have optimal focus. (ehow. com) Positioning Main Competitors: The large international public accounting firms, especially the Big Four, all provide recruitment and training programs for new graduates. For example, KPMG holds campus hires every year for undergraduate or MBA students who are about to graduate or have graduated less than ten months. (Career, KPMG) The most effective and easiest way to get a chance to these firms is through campus hire. So my main competitors are those accounting major students who are just like me.

In general, we almost have been through the same education path and got to the same point. But I have something special that make me stand out in the crowd. Self-positioning: On KPMG’s website, they list some suggestions from employers’ view for the new graduates who want to find a job in KPMG. They labeled the section as “Branding You”. One of links in the U-shaped “Branding You” path is “Get Global”. They give some suggestions on how to “lay the foundation for success with attaining global opportunities”. The first one is studying abroad. (KPMG)That is what I am doing now.

Also, I had experience studying under a different culture before I came to the State. I went to high school in Mainland China, and then went to college in Hong Kong. Things are different in these two places, since Hong Kong had a history when the British took control of the district. So Hong Kong is a place where Chinese and Western culture perfectly mixed. It is like I have been through different stages: pure Chinese culture, cross culture, and now pure Western culture. These experiences give me huge competitive advantage since I wouldn’t get shocked if I were working in a different environment with people in different culture.

I believe this is the most distinctive competency I have over other competitors. Another thing is that I got an internship in corporate accounting area in college. Although the internship was not in public accounting, it taught me how different college and real-life accounting jobs could be, and what accountants do every day. I could get into my role quicker as I have had a peak of the industry. So among thousands of accounting graduates every year, I position myself as an accounting major student who had a lot of cultural experiences as an exchange student and working experiences in accounting field.

Value Proposition Hi, my name is Wenzhu Mou. I am a junior accounting student from Hong Kong, and I am looking for a job in public accounting. I got a chance to study abroad for one year, and that’s why I’m here in Bowling Green. This special year is critical to my study and career. Living in another country for one year has broadened my horizon, opened my eyes to a new world and equipped me with better communication skills. I will be comfortable communicating with clients from different countries, thus providing professional and satisfied service. I had an accounting internship this summer in a hotel San Francisco.

During the internship, I learned the hotel’s reservation system, how to do A/R, A/P, and resolved customer’s complaints about wrong billing and stuff. I am willing to learn and assist daily routine works in different departments. Having experience using accounting theories in reality, my training process may be shorter and can start working faster. Hiring me will save you some training costs and you will have a professional and self-motivated accountant with international vision. Distribution Strategy There are three cities I want to live in after graduation, New York and Hong Kong.

The Big Four all choose New York to locate their headquarters in the US. (Wikipedia. com) This is the main reason why I choose New York as my first priority. New York is one of the biggest financial centers in the world. Many large corporations build their headquarters in New York City. The Big Four, as well as other large firms, choose New York City to strengthen bonds with firms in other industries that may need auditing, taxation, or advising services. Working in headquarters of the Big Four will let me see deeper in this industry and build boarder network. Finally, New York City is also a great place to live in.

The average income for accountants in the city is between $46,000 and $56,000, the curve is as below. (salary. com) [pic] The cost of living index is high in New York, too, an amazing 400, the highest in all big cities in the US. (Kiplinger. com) The city also contributes the largest population, of which 29. 8% are creative workforce. This means that although the cost of living may be scary at first sight, the truth is the elites can make great lives in the New York City. As a college graduate, it might be a little hard to start my career life in the city.

But as my career in the company goes up year by year, my salary and bonus will also go up. Hong Kong is where I come from. I have my network there. I have greater possibility to find a satisfied job there. It is a city I am familiar with, the life style, the people, and the culture. I would feel more comfortable working in a place where I had my college education, and where all my friends and family are. Economically, Hong Kong has something in common with New York. It is also a world’s financial center, and thus it is a sleepless city. It is a city with high cost of living, too.

The reason is the shortage of land. (orientexpat. com) Prices are high in Hong Kong, but taxes are low. Normal families get to keep more than 90% of their income. Hong Kong is also a very lively city. I like it because there are always restaurants open no matter how late it is, and the malls are closed very late at night. It is a crowded, high-paced, and passionate city. Working overtime is like a working habit. It is common to see business elites going home at 10 or 11pm. That is another sign showing the city is a world’s financial center. Pricing Strategy

Because the entire report is based on situations in the US, I will choose the New York City as my working location and continue to illustrate my pricing strategy. From indeed. com, I got the information that the average accountant salary in New York is $70,000, which is 25% higher than national average, while average salary for training accountants is $50,000. (Accountants’ average income in New York) As discussed above, accountants’ salary range in the city is from $46,000 to $56,000. Also, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national salary for starting accountants is $48,933 in 2009. In goingconcern. om(a business forum), people give Big Four’s starting salaries in different regions. I found that in New York City, PwC offers $57,000 base salary, $2,000 signing bonus, and $5,000 CPA bonus for Audit Staff. Considering Big Four is giving better offers, and the fact that New York has higher income index as well as its high cost index, I price myself $53,000-$58,000 in total when I first graduate. From another forum whirlpool. net, I found out that senior staff can have $70,000-$80,000 pay. It will take 2-3 year to get promoted from Junior Staff to Senior. National salary index is expected to grow in the future. indeed. com See next page) According to all these, I’ll expect a $5,000 to $5,500 raise per year in the Big Four for the first 5-7 years. [pic] Marketing Communication/Promotion Strategy Advertising 1. Campus job fair. There are three job fairs on campus throughout the year, fall, spring, and summer. Employers will come and meet students, tell us what they expect from us, and offer internships and jobs. This is a great chance to advertise myself to employers whom I am interested in. Brand You suggests that we bring our “advertising”–printed-out resumes and cover letters. 2. Direct mail.

We can always find employers put their addresses on their websites. Look for job vacancies first, and then send resume and cover letter directly to the employer. This is like a “cold call”. I won’t know if the employer is interested in me. Also, it is very important to have a mailing list to send the entire “advertisement package”. 3. Networking. I will always carry my resume to important business occasions. I’ll try my best to send out my resume to the employers and get their attention. In all, the most important thing is the resume. It is a short and concise version of who I am and what I can do for the company. See Appendix A for my resume] Direct Marketing [See Appendix B for my cover letter] Sales The best and most efficient way to sell the product is personal selling. Networking is the most basic element in personal selling. Nowadays, networking is also experiencing technology revolution. Social websites and discussion forums make it possible for us to connect with someone we may never see in real life. Despite traditional networking, which means making connections with potential employers through family, friends, instructors, or former employer, I will upload my profile to social networking website, such as linkedin. om to let people know the product, me. I will update and carefully manage the information I upload, since it has been very popular for employers to wander in the ocean of electronic profiles and choose the ones they want. When I get an interview with an employer, I will first print out another copy of my resume and cover letter in case he or she might want to have them. Always carrying my “advertisement” is nothing wrong. Next, I will dress up professionally and neatly. The interview itself is a selling process. It can help the interview know the product he or she might buy better.

The interview is a good way to let me know my employer better. It is like a two-way selling; I am selling myself to my employer, and the employer is selling the company to me at the same time. If we both feel satisfied, we can make it a deal. To best sell myself at the interview, I will prepare a perfect value proposition which will let the employer know me clearly. Financial Analysis First-year revenue: $55,000 Tax: $1706 + ($55,000 – $50,000) * 3. 648 = $1888. 4 (NYGOV) After-tax income: $53111. 6 Costs: Rent: $ 800*12= $9,600 (A one bedroom, furnished apartment in Bronx, New York from apartment. om) Utilities: $280 * 12= $3,360 ($280 is from average utility & house essentials price in New York from whitefenceindex. com) Transportation: $200 * 12= $2,400 ($200 for public transportation per month) Food: $100 * 52= $5,200 (Grocery+eat-out $100 per week) Clothing: $2,500 Amusement: $2,000 (Movies, Drinks, Reading, Traveling, etc) Bills(credit cards): $200 * 12= $2,400 Total costs: $27,460 Annual saving: $25,651. 6 *I didn’t include any education costs because I got scholarship to cover all my four years’ tuition and accommodation fees. Short- and Long-term Career Objectives

From now to graduation • Take an American Culture Study class next semester and get at least a B for that class. Exchange experience is about involving in another culture, not just about taking classes related to accounting. • Find a summer job or internship relating to business in the US or in Hong Kong before next semester ends. • Take CPA required classes for the other two years back in Hong Kong and maintain a GPA above 3. 3 when graduate. • Get an internship in a big public accounting firm for the summer 2011. • Start to review for CPA exams next year, the fall semester.

Five years after graduation • Have at least 3 job offers on hand by the time I graduate and start working in one of the Big Four. (2013) • Take and pass CPA exams before 2014. I’ll get a CPA bonus of $5,000 after I am a CPA. • Get promoted to be a senior staff before the end of the year 2015, start to prepare for ACCA exams. • Join staff exchange program that my company organize to work in another country for one year. (2016) • Get promoted to a manager and pass ACCA exams before 2018. Conclusion After doing the entire project, I knew myself better.

From Brand You homework, I began to take a look at myself from a different view, a business product’s view. This felt weird, but great. Standing on a totally objective point looking at myself helped me discover my potential and business sense. I did a lot of research to finish my career marketing plan. The whole process is not only about marketing, but also, it led me to the accounting industry. I understood the marketing concepts we discussed in class, and I also explored the job market and the US society in this project. Now I have a better understanding of myself, of what I really want to do, and of where my future is.

Appendices Appendix A Resume See Next Page Wenzhu Mou wenzhum@bgsu. edu Mobile phone: (415)570-3661 524 N. Enterprise, Apt 21, Bowling Green, Ohio, 43402 [pic] Objective A job in a public accounting firm having several service lines, utilizing skills in daily cash dealing and accounts management. Education Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong Bachelor of Business Administration, Accounting Concentration Expected June 2012 Overall GPA: 3. 13 Recipient of Admission Scholarship Scheme for the Mainland Applicants on the basis of academic merit, for the academic years 2008-2009, 2009-2010.

Embarking on Hong Kong Baptist University Student Exchange Program at Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio, in full academic year 2010-2011 Skills Interpersonal communication skills; trust-worthy (dealt with everyday cash deposit for the hotel for two months). Customer service (Summer 2010); gained experience in processing accounts payable and accounts receivable (Summer 2010); filing and sorting skills (Summer 2009). Experienced in Microsoft Office, and hotel inventory management system. Employment Crowne Plaza Hotel Foster City, California

Assistant in Accounting Department June—July 2010 ¦ Billed contracted airline customers; handles customers’ problems of wrong billing; routed unpaid transactions to Accounts Receivable and adjusted the account twice a month ¦ Processed everyday cash deposit, due backs, monthly reconciliation, and adjustments ¦ Managed Accounts Payable for purchasing in each department in the hotel; sorted, scanned and sent invoices to department Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

Assistant in Admission Session, Academic Registry, June—July 2009 ¦ Efficiently filtered and sorted more than 4,000 application documents. ¦ Resolved applicants’ problems regarding various admission issues. ¦ Assisted organizing six different interview panels. Provided applicants’ concisely-organized information to interviewers. References Available upon request. ¦ Appendix B Cover Letter See Next Page Wenzhu Mou 524 N Enterprise, Apt 21, Bowling Green, OH 43402 November 11, 2010 Human Resources Manager 200 South Biscayne Boulevard Suite 2000 Miami, FL 33131-2310

Dear Sir or Madam, I found on your website that you are recruiting Administrative Assistant in Audit Department. You are looking for someone who can provide administrative support to the management group, someone who is able to assist with billing activities, and someone who can prepare expenses and time reports. After reading your advertisement, I am very interested in the position, and would like to join the KPMG family to build my career. I am a graduate from Hong Kong Baptist University with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree concentrating in Accounting.

I had an internship working in a hotel, keeping records of AP and AR, cash, and billing process. I also had experience sorting, filtering, and filing documents for college interviews. I am excellent with MS Word and Excel. I am very interested in this position. Can I give you a call next Friday to discuss m qualifications in detail? If you have any question about me, I can be reached at 415-570-3661 or via e-mail at wenzhum@bgsu. edu. Thank you very much for your time. Sincerely, Wenzhu Mou Appendix C Industry profile: Accountancy in the United States, Data Monitor Appendix D

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