Chapter 18

Chapter 18

CHAPTER 18: RENEWING THE SECTIONAL STRUGGLE The Popular Sovereignty Panacea Know: Mexican Cession, Fire-eaters 29. What were the advantages and disadvantages of popular sovereignty? Political Triumphs for General Taylor 30. Why was the Free-Soil party formed? Was it important? Explain. “Californy Gold” 31. Did the California Gold Rush make people rich? Explain. Sectional Balance and the Underground Railroad Know: Underground Railroad, Harriet Tubman 32. “The South was in a politically weak position in the 1850’s. ” Assess this statement. Twilight of the Senatorial Giants

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Know: Henry Clay, John C. Calhoun, Daniel Webster 33. What effect did Webster’s speech have? Deadlock and Danger on Capitol Hill Know: William H. Seward, Higher Law 34. How did William Seward contribute to the tension between North and South in 1850? Breaking the Congressional Logjam Know: Compromise of 1850 35. What factors led to the acceptance of the Compromise of 1850? Balancing the Compromise Scales 36. Explain the quote, “No single irritant of the 1850’s was more consistently galling to both sides…. ” Defeat and Doom for the Whigs 37. What was important about the election of 1852?

Expansionist Stirrings South of the Border Know: William Walker, Commodore Matthew C. Perry 38. Explain the Ostend Manifesto, and what consequences it had. The Allure of Asia Know: Treaty of Wanghia, Caleb Cushing, Commodore Perry 39. Is China or Japan more important to American trade today? Pacific Railroad Promoters and the Gadsen Purchase 40. What was the reason for the Gadsen Purchase? Douglas’s Kansas-Nebraska Scheme Know: Stephen A. Douglas 41. Why were northerners so opposed to popular sovereignty? Congress Legislates a Civil War 42. What were the effects of the Kansas-Nebraska Act?


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