Child Labor During the Industrial Revolution

Child Labor During the Industrial Revolution

During the Industrial Revolution, much progress was made in the production and consumption of goods. Because of the production and sales of so many goods, the entire continent prospered. This would not have been possible without child labor. Much of the progress during the Industrial Revolution was due to child labor. The benefits of child labor greatly outweigh the drawbacks because the economy improved, the factories gained money , and the children benefitted.

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The factories benefitted greatly from child labor. The factories didn’t have to pay the children much, so they kept a lot of money. They could also employ many children because of how little they had to pay them. Because they had so many workers under their employ, their production rate went up and they gained even more money. The factories could make many more products because of this. Not only did the factories gain more money but the whole economy improved.

Because the factories made so many goods, those goods could be traded and sold to other countries, improving the economy. The factories could lower their process because they had so much money and the people would spend less money. Production rate also went up, so there were more products to sell. Child labor improved the economy greatly. The children also benefitted from child labor. They learned responsibility from having to go to work every day. The children got healthy from the physical labor they had to do.

The homeless orphans were taken in by the factories and given a place to live. The children also provided for their families with the money they made. In conclusion, child labor’s benefits outweighed the drawbacks greatly. The factories benefitted, the economy benefitted, and even the children benefitted from child labor. The drawbacks of child labor include injuries in the factory and poor working conditions for the children but these didn’t even apply to all the factories. So, child labor was a great benefit to all of Europe.


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