Choosing a Vacation Spot

Choosing a Vacation Spot

I choose to do vacation spots and picked the beach and the mountains. I. ) I am nervous about going to the beach, because we are going to do a lot of stuff we have never done before. 1. ) Distance a. ) The beach is further away b. ) You can’t go as often c. ) You can’t stay as long 2. ) Activities a. ) Amusement parks b. ) Fishing c. ) Parasailing d. ) Deep sea fishing 3. ) Expense’s a. ) More expensive on gas b. ) A beach house and a cabin around the same price c. ) More novelty shops II. My trip to the mountains is going to be very fun because we’ve signed up to do a lot of things. 1. ) Distance a. ) The mountains are closer b. ) You could go more often c. ) You could stay longer 2. ) Activities a. ) Camping b. ) Fishing c. ) Hiking d. ) Trout fishing 3. ) Expense’s a. ) Cheaper on gas b. ) Cabin and beach house around the same price c. ) Fewer novelty shops I choose to compare and contrast the beach and the mountains because they are my two favorite places to go. There are many things to do at both places, some very different and some of the same stuff.

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Choosing a Vacation Spot First of all with the beach being eight hours away, I am not able to go as often, because it is not worth driving 16 hours just stay for two days. Also, when there is more drive time, I will have to leave sooner. With having to leave sooner It will take me an extra two days in driving, so that would cut out two days of my time at the beach. Therefore I would want to choose the beach if I had a longer time to vacation. Therefore when looking into a vacation I look at distance, activities, and expenses.

Secondly, when I travel to the beach, I like to visit amusement parks. So if I want to visit an amusement park like Busch Gardens while at Virginia Beach the prices are 66 dollars and 99 cents per person. Although Busch Gardens is not an amusement park for little kids due to not having many kid rides. But it would be great if I were to just go with Evan and maybe take some friends. Meanwhile it would be a great idea for me to choose that if we got to take a trip without the kids. Also I would really like to go deep sea fishing.

Deep sea fishing has always seemed interesting to me so if I choose to vacation at the beach deep sea fishing will be an activity that I will partake in. Evan has been deep sea fishing before, so he has explained it to me. Like I would have to buy a certain size rod and string depending on what I would like to fish for. Also it gets frigid out on the ocean so I would need to take a jacket with me. Moreover deep sea fishing is a great idea for Evan and I because both of us would love to have that experience. I also love to go parasailing.

Although parasailing will be a bigger expense for example at Ocean City the prices are, 400 feet for 50 dollars a person to 800 feet for 70 dollars a person. I can also choose to take somebody on the boat to take pictures for an extra 10 dollars a person. The only downfall about this idea is that Evan is afraid of heights so this would be an activity he would not enjoy. In final consideration if we choose the beach for our trip this would probably be something we skipped. Thirdly I need to check expenses. With the beach being farther away, I know it will cost me more in gas to travel there.

When I look at places to stay, I know that a beach house and a cabin will cost me around the same price, for example a beach house will run about 1,000 dollars a week along with a cabin in the mountains. Another factor is I know I will spend more money on gifts at the beach for people because beach cities have more novelty shops than the mountains. So when I am looking into a vacation and think about going to the beach, the expenses are a major detail to watch. For my second choice, I choose the mountains. When I look into traveling to the mountains, a few factors that I consider are distance, activities, and expenses.

First of all, there is the distance; the mountains are closer than the beach so I know I will be able to stay longer because there would be less drive time, so therefore more vacation time. In conclusion, choosing the mountains would be a good choice even if we only had the weekend to stay. Secondly, when I am trying to decide where to take a vacation, I consider activities. For example when in the mountains I like to camp, go fishing, and also go on long hikes. If I choose the mountains for this trip I would like to go trout fishing.

I have only been trout fishing a couple of times before but it is something that I really enjoy because they are beautiful fish. Trout taste marvelous especially when prepared with some green peppers and onions. I would love to learn how to prepare a trout freshly caught. I love to learn new things while on vacation, so this would be a very interesting thing to learn. In final consideration, if we go to the mountains we at least have to prepare trout one night. Finally, I look at expenses. Knowing that the mountains are closer, I know it will cost me less gas money than going to the beach.

Therefore with the gas costing less. That is a major expense in my vacation so if I can save the extra 200 dollars in gas that is a definite plus. Also when choosing, I know a cabin and a beach house will cost about the same price. Furthermore, the mountains have less novelty shops so I already know I will spend less money on souvenir’s and gifts for people. But I really enjoy getting people souvenirs while I am on vacation. When considering a vacation to the mountains, distance, activities and expenses are all considered.

So therefore, it does not matter which place I choose. I know I will enjoy either place. When I choose a vacation spot one the beach and the mountains are always an options on the list of places I choose from. Depending on what I would like to do that week is how I decide. For example if I want to go fishing I could choose either, or if I would like to go parasailing I know I would want to choose the beach. I personally like the beach better so that is usually what I choose to do. But every once in a while when I want to change things up I will choose the mountains instead.


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