College Is a Top Priority for Me

College Is a Top Priority for Me

Yesenia Mendez Enrolling in college was one of the most important decisions I made in my life. With this decision, come a lot of difficulties and obstacles but the outcome of my journey will be rewarding. One of the ways that I show that college is a top priority for me is by attending school and being on time everyday. Being on time show respect to the instructor and to my fellow classmates, being late to class means that I will miss important announcement or material presented at the beginning of class.

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Coming to class and staying the entire class can assured me that I will get the right information, preparation and skill development to successfully succeed in college. Coming to class prepared and ready to participate is another way that I show that college is a top priority for me. Before I walking into the classroom, I take few minutes and focus on the topic of the class, and preparing my self mentally so that I can take part in classroom discussion and activities.

It’s also helpful to review notes, readings, and handout from the last class before heading into the next one. This will help me focus on the objective of the class and refresh my memory about the material. Finally, I show that college is a top priority for me by doing all my homework. I make sure that all my homework assignment are complete to the best of my ability. The assignments are designed to help me succeed with the information in my own.

If I am having problem with homework or other assignments, or I need help with information presented in class I will speak with the professor immediately. The longer I wait to get help, the harder it will be. Like every goal, it always brings some challenges. I think that my biggest challenge will be to put together all my priorities and to learn how to split my personal life, time and work. There will be challenges along my college journey, but my main priority is college and to stay on course and complete my degree.


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