Compare and Contrast – Drinkers vs. Smokers

Compare and Contrast – Drinkers vs. Smokers

Mike Tembreull EN 101 Compare and Contrast Essay Throughout my teenage years, I’ve known many peers that involve themselves in mind-altering activities on the weekends. Whether it is at parties, social events or just hanging out in basements, the majority of teens generally enjoy being intoxicated. I believe that this crowd of kids fit into two groups narrowed down to their preferences: drinkers and smokers. Drinkers are people who enjoy alcoholic beverages, and smokers are those who enjoy marijuana.

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Some may think that these substances are too similar to be compared; they’re both illegal (for teens) and known to have harmful health effects to the users. Experience with both has taught me these drugs actually are very different and from what I’ve observed, fit two contrasting personalities. Alcohol is the most socially accepted form of intoxication. It is enjoyed by almost everyone, from underprivileged teenagers to middle aged millionaires. The majority of people relate drinking to a good time. With moderate use, it creates an improvement in mood, increased self confidence, increased sociability, and a mild euphoria.

Drinking helps people release their inhibitions, most likely bringing out the more playful characteristics in them. These qualities are more suited for parties or informal social events where people can have fun without fear of being judged. The personality of a drinker from my observations has been an entertaining, high energy person that isn’t afraid to go somewhere they haven’t gone or meet new people. Drinkers like to have fun in an environment of sociable people that are in an outgoing mood as well.

This type of person doesn’t mind getting out of their comfort zone and living life to the fullest, not being intimidated by new experiences. While drinkers must always be cautious about their actions under the influence, and alcohol consumption short term and long term; I think of this as the more fun way of being intoxicated. Smokers use marijuana as their premium activity, usually more often than just on the weekends. Cannabis is a naturally growing plant that can be smoked to produce an effect of being high, which involves a euphoric psychological effect, relaxation, hunger, and a distorted sense of time.

Smoking weed typically causes people to be content with where they are at the moment, not wanting to partake in new activities and generally being lazy. The personality of a smoker from my observations is a mellow person that is okay with not doing anything for large amounts of time. A smoker might also feel that they are at a “cooler” end of the spectrum, because of marijuana being more difficult to get because of it being illegal. Many smokers take the wrong turn into becoming a pothead. Being a pothead is when you feel you cannot have fun in everyday life without getting high first, causing them to care very little about the outside world.

One can argue that this is the same as alcoholism, but excessive marijuana use is much easier to become accustomed to than alcohol use. Drinkers and smokers are not their own categories because of their strict use of each substance, but rather the personalities that tend to accompany the different users. I have been close to people of both sides, and the more successful people tend to be drinkers. I believe this is because of the outgoingness and tendency to meet new people that smokers lack.


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