Display Reflectivev Account

Display Reflectivev Account

Reflective Account At the start of December the teacher asked me to design a display which embodied the spirit of the Nativity Story. The display was to be situated on the board above the pegs where the children hang their coats. It was to be put here so that it can be instantly noticed by parents/carers, the children and all visitors to the classroom. I drew up a display in rough to show to the teacher to give her an idea of how the display would look. She approved and I began to start it.

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I gathered the paper, glue, pencils, felt tips and templates that the children and I would be using for our Nativity display from the small store room in the classroom. I then fetched the backing paper and border from the large stock room in the hall. The children and I began to cut out templates of Mary and Baby Jesus and they coloured them in. I backed the display board with gold paper and put a purple border around it, making sure that the staples held both of these securely. I arranged the templates on the display using staples again to secure them.

The teacher, myself and the pupils were all pleased with the display and how it looked. It was agreed it would stay there until we returned from the school holidays. Evaluation At the start of December the teacher asked me to create a display which showed the Nativity Story. The display was aimed at parents as well as pupils and staff in school. In the Teaching Assistant Handbook Level 2 2nd Edition by Louise Burnham on page 13 it says “The school should provide pupils with an environment that is positive and reflects the needs of all pupils.

There should be a variety of stimulating areas within classrooms and around the school, and displays reflect the work of all pupils, not just those that do the best work”. The display was to be situated on the board inside the classroom above the pegs where the children hang there coats for optimum impact and accessibility. I did a rough design first and showed it to the teacher to give her an idea of how it would be once finished. She approved so I then began to start it.

I collected the art and display materials from the large stock room in the hall and the small stock cupboard in the classroom. I selected colours that were eye-catching, bold, and relevant to the display. I chose gold paper for the background and purple paper for the border. In the school’s display policy it states “Displays should provide a visually stimulating learning environment for all pupils”. When I put up the display I made sure it was secure by using staples. If the staples had come out of the board and the paper fell onto the floor it would be a health and safety hazard.

I could have laminated the templates on the display to prevent any further damage, but this was agreed to be unnecessary. The pupils, teacher and myself were all pleased with how the display had turned out when it was completed. It was felt that the display would be useful, attractive and relevant until the Christmas holidays. Then it would need to be replaced when we returned to school as the class would be ready to display the next subject they would move onto. Bibliography The Teaching Assistants Handbook 2nd Edition Level 2 School Display Policy Candice Aghoghogbe


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