Distraction Essay

Distraction Essay

Distractions are everywhere and they are different for everyone. Work, kids and just plain ole everyday life, are just a few. These issues must be controlled in ordered to accomplish ones goals. My current goal is to earn a degree in Electrical Engineering through online courses with Penn Foster. I finished high school in 1984 and in 1992, I earned an Associated Degree of Science in Veterinarian Medicine. I worked in the Veterinarian field for 10 years and although I enjoyed working with animals, it was time to find a job with a more established atmosphere.

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I’ve been employed with Duke Energy for 15 years, starting in the Customer Service field. After eight years, an opportunity to transfer into the Power Delivery area presented itself. I found the challenge and excitement I had been looking for! The mechanics make sense and although I don’t have the field experience, I understand the job requirements. What does this mean? Back to school I go. I will have to manage my time well, use my free time and resources effectively and buckle down with energy usage, which will be a challenge among work, family, church and other activities.

However it is a challenge I will meet and accomplish. It will be my responsibility to know when to say “No, I have an assignment to complete”. It is very important to remember the deadlines. I will need to create a specific time to study and schedule breaks, which will require organizational skills. These skills will help me eliminate wasting precious time. I will rank my assignments and keep my due dates in mind, by recording assignments and exam target dates on my calendar at work. Fortunately my family is always supportive of my goals and encourages me, rather than creating additional distractions.

My mom steps in to assist with caring for the kids and this allows me time to study for a few hours without the normal distractions and interruptions. Due to this degree being a benefit not only to myself, but to the advancement opportunities in the workforce, I have the support of my supervisor to prioritize my activities between work and school. While at work, I can use my lunch time to review any papers or projects due. This way I don’t overload my already busy schedule. I can print out any reading assignments for the week or use this time to review and modify any work that might be in draft status.

This also provides an excellent opportunity to look into my schedule and confirm there are no other conflicts or commitments that can interfere with my study time. Participating in online courses may be a more difficult way to learn and achieve a degree, but due to the convenience and flexibility I feel it is worth the effort. Although a teacher is not available for face-to-face interaction, I can email the student services or my instructors for assistance when needed. Each semester I review my courses and decide which way will be the best route to complete the assigned courses.

I admit I started with the easiest courses and I am finishing with the more difficult ones. Ranking my assignments has helped me eliminate time wasting activities, like wandering onto Facebook or cyberspace. I set up my study area to make sure I have the best studying atmosphere with temperature, lighting and seating. In other words, I made the area comfortable and conducive to learning. I also try to eat balanced and nutritious meals and get the proper amount of sleep. I feel that by achieving these time management plans and topics, I will achieve my goal of earning the Electrical Engineering Degree at Penn Foster.


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