Driving or Using Public Transportation

Driving or Using Public Transportation

Driving your Own Car or using Public Transportation As long as cities are sequentially growing, people need to travel trough long distances to get from one place to another. By the increasing of those necessities, people choose between using their own car and drive along the roads or, not spending too much money and using public transportation. Both choices have many good benefits. Driving your own car might cost a lot of money; regarding to the cost of cars these days. But, safety is more important when it comes to travel long distances.

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It is quite accurate to say that you will feel truthfully safer by driving a car by yourself than letting other people drive for you. You can also enjoy independence from public serives, more comfort, more space, and you will be sure that your car will always be available for you at anytime. However, Public Transportation has many other benefits when arguing about economy. The cost of using public transportation is more affordable. Also, you will never concern about hitting your car or being hitted. You will avoid spending time on gas stations or any other high-cost requirement of having your own car.

Yet, all those benefits might bring you a few disadvantages. Putting hands on the wheel without having much experience could provoke a car accindent, and cars are not always as safety as they look. You have to keep track of your car care (tire change, oil change, among others) most of them are quite expensive. If you hit the car, the costs are countless. To make matters worse, the price of gasoline increases everyday. On the other hand, using public transportation can cause delays. Public transportation is not under your control, the timings are never correct and sometimes you have to wait a lot at bus stops.

You’ve got to wait for the bus with plenty of time so the it wont leave without you. Moreover, Public transport drivers are very careless about them passengers security, they drive as fast as they can, disccounting the importance of passengers safety. Lastly, public transports are often crowded of people, making it difficult for old people, pregnant, sick persons to travel. In conclusion, I would surely prefer to buy a car. No matter the high costs it could bring me, but I will feel more safter, confortable and independent. And of course, I will avoid delays or any other kind of unforseen.


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