Eli the Good

Eli the Good

Samuel Watso 10/3/11 Rough draft Patriotism Patriotism is the love, compassion, and pride of the country and its people. How on shows how he/she feels about their countries views and decisions. A person who cares about his/her country and the push for ones views on the country. Patriotism is the love for ones country. When a soldier is fighting for his country, putting his/her life on the line, the people of the country he/she are fighting for over his/her family and loved ones. Having the strangers all over the country that he/she is fighting for, people that he/she may never meet, take precedence over you own blood.

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He/she may be fighting for his/her family too, but he/she isn’t able to spend time with his/her family. Patriotism is the compassion of the many people putting there emotions into what they believe in. The compassion from the many people who have been subject to an attack from another country and the feelings one had to another person from the other country. The people, no matter which country, had care for the country and what happened and every person helped took time out of their days to help put ruins back together and to show that the countries people where all in one and helped every one out.

Patriotism is the pride shown in every country by its people. Flying their flags for the peoples country. Showing how much they care about their country and they are proud to be apart of that country. The people show pride by singing songs of their country and even by touring another country wearing certain cloths that represent that persons country. Patriotism is the pride. The love. The compassion for ones country showing the importance of ones country to the rest of the world.


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