Engineer Better Medicines

Engineer Better Medicines

ENGINEER BETTER MEDICINES DNA is briefly code of human and each person has different dna’s . This differences make people as unique individual and response of the medicines are different. With genes doctors are able to find out individual differences like disease and its called as personalized medicine. Personalized medicine is about combining genetic information with clinical data. Some Engineering challenge’s are developing better systems to rapidly assess a patient’s genetic pro? e ; another is collecting and managing massive amounts of data on individual patients; and another is the need to create inexpensive and rapid diagnostic devices. Personolized drugs needed to delivering quickly and efficiently to the body where the disease is localized. personalization of medicine will bring us to many benefits. For example, it could reduce medical costs where expensive treatments are unnecessary. This is where engineering helps in medicines. Personlized medicines could provide path for curing cancer, by showing why some people have and others do not.

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Also researchers are exploring ways to engineer nanoparticles that are capable of delivering a drug to its target in the body while evading the body’s natural immune response. We have to improve new strategies to overcome multiple drug resistances. Drug resistant comes about will be understood. New drugs will be found and developed. Drug resistance isn’t new. Traditional ways are still useful to search new antibiotics. Engineers develop more effective tools and techniques for rapid analysis and diagnosis. so variety of drugs can be quickly screened and proper treatments can be promptly applied.


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