Examining The Independent Learner And Dependent Learner English Literature Essay

Examining The Independent Learner And Dependent Learner English Literature Essay

Every one has his or her ain manner of larning. This learning procedure starts from birth and keeps on till decease. There are two types of scholars i.e. Independent Learner and Dependent Learner. No 1 can be an independent scholar from the first twenty-four hours of life. Furthermore, one has to depend straight or indirectly on others in many different ways throughout life. One learns from his parents ab initio, the acquisition procedure continues from household members to friends and instructors to co-workers etc. Parents are the first institute of larning. The love and fondness of household members is like a psyche to organic structure. Friendship is besides a alone beginning of larning. The pupils learn from the cognition and exposure of the instructors. The procedure of acquisition has no restrictions and exclusions. One has to be an independent scholar at the same clip. Dependent acquisition is easy but limited, whereas independent acquisition is hard but huge. The independent scholar makes many errors but learns more from the experience. Kolb ‘s Learning Style ( Payne E. and Whittaker ) .


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My strength as a scholar is that I am adaptable. I am a Diverger harmonizing to Kolb ‘s ( Payne and Whittaker 2000 ) . I like group treatments in the category. It helps me to acquire advanced thoughts. It is a good activity for encephalon storming. It helps to increase assurance. I besides learn from pupils from different backgrounds. These pupils provide a alone beginning of larning for me. During my college surveies, our instructor used to inquire for presentation in forepart of the category. The instructor used to gave us subject and divide us into the group for treatment and presentation in the category. So that ‘s why I am good at larning from other pupils.


Weakness means badness. My weak point is that I am adaptable. I am Accommodator harmonizing to Kolb ‘s ( Payne E and Whittaker ) . This is a really bad wont of mine. I like to make things at the topographic point. I am an action orientated individual. I ne’er think before what I am traveling to make. I ever get involved in new experience. When I get the undertaking in the category I finish it instantly. I do non understand on first clip, what I read. I ne’er make a program for this what I am traveling to make.


Learning is a ne’er stoping procedure. One should maintain on larning either being a dependant or independent scholar. One has to cognize about his weak and strong points to be successful. The failings should be taken attention of and strong points should be enhanced. I have learned about my weak points every bit good during this survey. I believe my capablenesss even with the few failings.



Payne E and Whittaker “ Learning to Learn ” in developing indispensable survey accomplishments, Harlow: Pearson Education 2000

What is Culture?

Culture exists in every society. It can be defined as all the imposts of life plus humanistic disciplines, beliefs and traditions of a population that have been passed through coevalss. Culture has been called, the manner of life for a complete society. As such, it includes regulations of manners, frock, linguistic communication, faith, rites, games, norms of behaviour such as jurisprudence and honestness, and systems of belief every bit good as the humanistic disciplines. ( Gibson, R. Intercultural Business Communication, OUP 2002, ) .

We studied about the civilization ; Gibson ( OUP 2002 ) , I can specify easy with the construct of iceberg which is best to manner to depict the civilization that the top of iceberg is known as explicit and the underside is known as tacit. In the top of the iceberg civilization clearly represent nutrient, vesture, music, behaviour and linguistic communication, below the surface of the iceberg we can happen gender, values, household and faith. All this affects shows how person behaves at the surface.

There are different types of civilization ( Gibson, R, and Intercultural Business Communication OUP 2002 ) . Our position and part besides affects our civilization some parts are more developed like other and certain things, may non go on in certain parts, this is because all the people lives in different manner in their states and besides faith affects our civilization. All the people live in different category civilization like first category, low category and in-between category. Some people works together on their undertaking from different civilization and demo how they behave and living manner.

At the terminal I would wish to state that civilization represents the life manner, behaviours, attitudes, environment, nutrient, dressing, likings, gustatory sensations etc. Overall civilization is a most of import facet of the human existences life, they lives their life harmonizing to the civilization. The civilization shows the of import characteristics of societies, parts and faiths. There might be difference between civilizations but every civilization is beautiful in its ain right.



Gibson, R. Intercultural Business Communication, OUP 2002, ( pp 7-8 )

What I have learned?

There is one manner to understand a individual ‘s civilization which is to look into his or her background. I have learnt about the civilization and background after I did the workshops about diary. I have learned different things from different workshops. Now I am able to analyse the cultural feature of any society. Now I understand things of civilization much better than earlier ; because of the civilization journal.

I have learnt many things from civilization and acquisition journal. In this university we meet people from different civilization and background. It helps to cognize about their cultural values and life manner. This has increased my exposure and assurance.

By composing larning diary, I have learned to rectify my actions, if they were non right earlier. It helped me to be respectful to others. This has increased my apprehension of life in a multicultural society in a manner that is larning from others. I have learned to go more helpful for person in demand. By composing the activities of every twenty-four hours, I have learnt about the behaviour of different people. I have analyzed the attitudes in position of the civilization of the people. I have learned to understand the ways of life in different civilizations. I have come to cognize about the value and criterion of nutrient, frock, behaviour, populating manner, and faith in different societies.

To reason, I have realized that one can be easy acknowledged by the civilization it represents. After reading about the civilization, now I can understand and explicate the civilization in good manner. Now I can easy pull off to populate efficaciously in a multicultural society. I think that people behave in different ways as compared to my civilization. But with the aid of the categories and essays that we have written, I behave otherwise to other people than earlier.

My civilization profile

Culture shows that the how people behave in different parts, states and societies. If we look in deepness, it seems that the civilization appears from a hard contact among different rudimentss like household, race, gender, state, faith and heritage. Every individual in this universe has different likings, gustatory sensation, linguistic communication, slang ‘s and environment ; therefore everyone is bound to act otherwise Gibson ( 2002 ) . I shall explicate my ain cultural profile with the mention to a figure of ‘types of civilization ‘ harmonizing to Gibson.

The most of import facets of my civilization are household system, nationalism, age, faith and gender Gibson ( 2002 ) . I am an senior kid in my household. Therefore, I have a batch of duties. I was born to an educated in-between category household. I have seen my parents to work really difficult to run into both terminals meet, it has made me to larn about the rough worlds of life. I have become full-blown and reasonable really early in life. I am non intelligent pupil but I am difficult worker. I spend really hard life in my old school. It was like to populate as a soldier of Pakistani ground forces. I ever behave like a typical Pakistani. I used to populate with my parents and grandparents. When I meet with person, I am respectful to the other individual and behave like a civilised individual.

I have been a consistent traveller throughout Pakistan. I have besides lived in Dubai for my surveies for a short period of clip. This has given exposure of different societies. I have learned about the life and civilization of other societies as good. It has increased my cognition and made me more confident.

I conclude that my civilization makeup is hence ever turning like Gibson ( 2002 ) tree and my life experience make me perfect. The people are populating in different ways and criterions. I am able to cognize how I should act with others in a civilised mode.



Gibson, R. Intercultural Business Communication, OUP 2002, ( pp 7-8 )

Knowledge Management

“ Knowledge direction means to understand the relationship a assortment of patterns used in a group to acknowledge, manner, represent, distribute and let understanding of penetrations and cognition ” ( Daniels-Dwyer, 2002 ) . It can be divided into ‘product and procedure ‘ the merchandise of cognition mean the manner of working with the company it can easy be shared and the procedure of cognition achieved in the class of squad work, relationship and the replace of ideas ( Daniels-Dwyer, 2002 ) . Knowledge as procedure is much more hard than the merchandise. Knowledge direction is defined as “ apprehension of dealingss ” ( Kluge et al 2001 ) . Such penetrations and experiences include cognition, any embodied in individuals or embedded in society procedures or pattern is called cognition direction. It focus on office aims such as better presentation, possible benefit, betterment, the distribution of lessons learned, and go on betterment of the relationship. In this essay I shall discourse that knowledge direction does matter or does non count in the modern universe.

There are a batch of companies in the universe and all the companies do different types of work. “ The Modern universe focuses on cognition direction because it is of import for the company to better the efficiency of the concern ” ( Daniels-Dwyer, 2002 ) . The proprietor of the company has a batch of information and thoughts about the work ; he portions his thoughts among the employee of the company and gives them information. It helps the concern to be more efficient and besides it help the associate to happen their manner more easy therefore building of the company map more expeditiously and fast. Therefore knowledge direction helps the concern to be efficient and do easy the work for everyone in the company.

Two different companies are working on the edifice buildings ; both the companies are doing really all right edifices and utilizing good material. One company has an educated employee for the communications with the client in a good manner and gives them the true information and other company does n’t hold the good employee and they do n’t cognize how to act with the costumier and give them information. So hence the “ Modern universe focal point on cognition direction, because the competition between the companies and improves their efficiency ” ( Daniels-Dwyer, 2002 ) .The “ Modern universe focal point on cognition direction does matter because, a cognition merchandise is progressively more available and more papers ” . A long clip a ago all the companies do their work in the paper and set in the closet for the information that was really hard but now a yearss all the companies work in the computing machine and salvage their all informations in the computing machine, experience and instruction is necessary for every individual who works in the company.

“ The Modern universe focal point on cognition direction does non count because it is non really of import for the running of a company ” ( Daniels-Dwyer, 2002 ) . There are different types of company their purpose to do money by selling a merchandise or service, this type of work can be successful without the cognition for their companies like Taxi Stand Company, if some one has a cab base he can gain a batch of money by driving the auto this is called service for the people this type of company can non success they merely earn money. Knowledge direction is simply one of many optional supernumeraries for bettering efficiency but does non truly count. A batch people thing excessively much about their companies for illustration merely two people are working in working one company the purpose of their work to merely gain money and pass their life. These types of people can success in their lives by gaining money. This shows that the focal point on cognition direction does non count.

In the decision the cognition direction procedure can be categorized into cognition industry, knowledge support, cognition presentation, cognition distribution and cognition application activities. To take advantage of on cognition, a society must be speedy in equilibrating its cognition direction activities. In general, such a reconciliation act requires alterations in organisational civilization, engineerings, and techniques. A figure of organisations believe that by concentrating entirely on people, engineerings, or techniques they can pull off cognition. The sole focal point on people, engineerings, or techniques does non enable a difficult to go on its competitory advantages. At the terminal I would wish to state that if some want to success in his life he or she must work difficult twenty-four hours and dark.



1. Daniel-Dwyer R, Implementing a cognition direction programme from underside up,

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Culture daze

First I want to advert that my state civilization is wholly different from other states. If some one comes from British or America in my state he or she will confront batch jobs. First of all the individual will confront the linguistic communication job because tonss of people can non understand the English linguistic communication, if the individual want to travel some where he or she can non acquire the information as comparison to the other states like England they do all the plants in cyberspace, in our state there is no information about the conveyance. There are tonss of people on the street mendicant and besides on the signals this is new for the other people. The chief job for the aliens ‘ people is nutrient there is no good quality of fast nutrient because in our state people likes spicy nutrient like poulet joint and beef. Our state is non safe there is a large security job for the alien ‘s people and when some one comes in our state all people watch that individual because that is new thing for them. The individual will besides confront the life job and route traffic because the living criterion is non good and there is traffic all the times on the route besides another large job for the aliens is electricity. The electricity goes after every one hr. There is really hard to populate in my state.

Faisal Nawaz


Conflict means to hold opposing involvements and difference of sentiments and it may be between people, state, societies and parts it can be causes due to societal, political, economical, spiritual, cultural, environmental, and educational upbringing. In Pakistan there are few struggles in societal life. Like many other states in the universe ; work forces are the dominant gender. This may be as a consequence of deficiency of instruction and unknowingness of the rights of the others. There are many other Islamic states where adult females ‘s rights are limited, but this does non stand exact true for Pakistan. Pakistani people are much more open-minded than other Islamic communities [ 1 ] In this essay I shall discourse about the adult females occupations in Pakistan harmonizing to the life rhythm of struggle ( PPU, 2008 [ 2 ] ) .

In our society male normally works and female takes attention of the household activities because people believe that adult females is excessively delicate and sensitive to work. Many people believe that household life will besides be more productive and peaceable in this manner. The up delivery of kids can be better in this manner. Furthermore, people do non like to expose their females to every organic structure. This is considered a manner to honour the adult females ( this does non intend those females are populating a down life, in a manner they are more independent and loosen up in their life ) . But there are still uneducated people in our state who ne’er things, that how they can success in their lives now I am traveling to speak about the existent struggle about the cousin of mine with her male parent. She was really obedient and intelligent from her childhood and in the household every individuals loved her because of her low nature. She was really difficult working lady ; she finished her instruction from a well renowned university in Pakistan and she was extremely motivated for NGO occupation because she wanted to assist the hapless multitudes of the state.

Conflict arises when people are differing with each other and their belief clang and this was the beginning phase of struggle with her male parent ( PPU, 2008 ) ( 2, p.30 ) . Her male parent was strongly against for her occupation because her household was good respected in milieus for her male parent goodness and fiscal position but she wanted to make the occupation to use her cognition, accomplishment and to be exposed the existent hoarded wealths of life she was really confident lady. On other manus her male parent insisted that she does non necessitate a occupation she gets married. This phase was early growing because of their beliefs ( PPU, 2008 ) ( 2, p.31 ) both the sides were opposing each others beliefs. The dying period continued for approximately eight months she was non willing to get married and her male parent did non allowed for occupation both the sides were openly at war ( PPU,2008 ) ( 2, p.31 ) even her male parent did non let her that she can non travel out side the place.

She talked to my uncle and he talked to her male parent but he did non listen to his statements, her male parent was really aggressive my uncle told him that occupation will do her better homo and she can assist the hapless people both the sides were really aggressive in their attack and suffered due to this struggle this was the ( b. a rush of force on one side ) phase in dead end harmonizing to the ( PPU, 2008 ) that her male parent said that she should get married and no occupations for her. My uncle found a proposal for her the male child had completed his instruction from America university fortuitously they both were cousin. It was agreed upon between the seniors of the household that she will engaged foremost so she will allowed to make occupation. Therefore a via media helped to salvage the felicity of all the household. This incident happened five old ages ago now a yearss they are populating happy life.

The above struggle arose as a consequence of difference in instruction. There is a batch of difference between the life of adult females in UK and Pakistan. Women in UK are more independent and bold and live their life in their ain manner. The Pakistani adult females are dependent but have no fiscal duty and they gain award from strong household values. I think that instruction and the sense of the rights of females demands to be increased in our state.


Web site: is a website dedicated to the adult females of Pakistan ( 1 )

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In this article, the writer discusses that how adult females and work forces behave in different civilizations in different states? Her purpose is clear to believing for some academic infinite about these footings adult females, work forces and niceness. Women, work forces and linguistic communication research can non go on to discourse gender merely in footings of the lingual spread behaviour of adult females and work forces except in peculiar state of affairs and with peculiar ends. The survey argues that we need several analytical alterations: foremost, we need to see politeness as happening over longer-stretches of talk ; secondly, it should be seen within the background of a community pattern, instead than every bit merely as the merchandise of single talkers, and eventually, we need to be cognizant that there may be struggles over the significances of niceness. In this essay I shall discourse that adult females work forces politeness agreeable and disagreeable ( Holmes, 2006 ) .

Summary of the article:

In this article, the writer usage different mentions for her research, she explained in her article “ adult females work forces and niceness ” are agreeable and disagreeable. Womans and work forces behave otherwise harmonizing to Holmes ( 2006 ) adult females reply in a more polite manner than work forces. Womans are well-bred with others and they are really sort. Work force are wholly different harmonizing to Holmes, in some contexts, “ aggressive and competitory verbal behavior appears to be experienced as exhaustively gratifying and common abuses may even function as look of positive niceness and solidarity ” ( Holmes, p.330 ) . She explained in her illustrations that misss are more concerted with each other so the male childs. She studied among the kids and found out that male childs used more bold dissensions, which means they are speaking the exact point no more description, but misss tried to spread out the conversation with out any ground harmonizing to Maria Stubbe ( 1991 ) .

Evaluation of the article:


The article was really good structured, and it was written in good manner, she started with the linguistic communication that was an academic and simple to understand. She explained in a good manner with the regulations and ordinance of the subject sentences, in all illustrations she started to speak about the adolescents and afterwards on grownup. The Author Holmes ( 2006 ) use a good illustrations to show her examine which largely focus on unlike immature people talk that, how adult females or teens misss can be broadminded or risk taker and work forces as destructive in their linguistic communication? This article should hold examined the features of adult females and work forces and its consequence on the niceness because the grounds how they behave with others. It is of import to let adult females and give an thought about their good workss, which were undeveloped for many centuries by work forces win in this topographic point and Holmes ( 2006 ) . The civilization of adult females is wholly different so the work forces because they speak in good manner and they can cover their jobs easy.


I have noticed that Holmes ( 2006 ) has non decently taken into history that it might depend really much on the relationship you have with person e.g. husband/wife, friends, aliens. Sometime it go on that the work forces are more polite when they are speaking with their seniors, parents and visitant and sometime they behave otherwise while speaking to their married woman and friends. Holmes ( 2006 ) the behaviour of adult females and work forces and wholly different, adult females are positively polite and difficult working so the work forces. The females are non like the male they are really sort. Womans have a different features as they have a different function in the society, they are expected to move like a lady and regard to the people around them and that ‘s the ground they are non that direct as adult male.


I conclude that it is non a complete image of world. How work forces or adult females behave depends upon the state of affairs, relation, state, faith. Of class I besides agree that adult females are more polite. But adult females are non ever polite even. Sometimes they are harsher than male even in different state of affairs. How anyone behaves is non easy to capture or understand, this survey is good but can non be generalized. It needs a better model or illustrations to be done to make up one’s mind more concrete solutions.


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