Failure: Road to Success

Failure: Road to Success

Nobody likes failure. Let’s face it, it really hurts within. If you knew ahead of time the things that were going to cause you pain, you probably wouldn’t do them. That is the time when you fear of doing something. Sinestro said in the movie Green Lantern, “Fear is the enemy of will. Will is what makes you take action. Fear is what stops you and makes you weak. You must ignore your fear. When you’re afraid, you can’t act. ” When you are afraid, you cannot act the way you want because it hinders your capabilities.

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Why we should be scared of committing mistakes if it is the one who can teach us to be better? How do children learn not to touch a hot stove? They do it once, feel the pain and remember not to do it again. A kid playing in the playground tumbles but learns to stand up and play again. You don’t study for an exam just because you don’t feel it. But when you get the test back with a bad grade, you understand. It doesn’t feel good to get a low grade, especially when you know you could have done better if you had tried.

The next you will probably study. A broken heart of a teen age girl mended with the realization that sometimes growing up means letting go. She learns what true love is and begins to see that one friend who truly cares about her is more important than a hundred friends who don’t. We must admit that making mistakes is part of growing up. Sometimes in order to grow, we need to step outside our comfort zone. We need to do things that we don’t normally do.

I’m not talking about the harmful things that can cause you. It should be something useful and functional. For example, when you are afraid in heights, why don’t you try to climb in a high mountain, look at the breathtaking view from the top and face your fear? Maybe in that way you’ll realize that there’s nothing really frightening in heights. You just put your fear in front that’s why you almost missed some of the blissful feelings in life. Being afraid is same as forgetting to be happy.

When we are scared we forget the meaning of true happiness. Why we should trap ourselves to something that will not make any sense at all? We should always remember that nobody is perfect. We should put the fear of failure behind to see the true meaning of life. We have the right to be wrong. We are all human beings. Leave the fear behind you and live your life without any hesitations. Life seems at times too tough to handle but it’s also too precious a gift to waste.


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