Front Office Supervisors

Front Office Supervisors

Induction & Training Induction & Training To – General Manager From – Head oh HR Date – 31 – October 2011 To – General Manager From – Head oh HR Date – 31 – October 2011 Elephant Reach – YALA Report on Induction & Training programme for Front Office Supervisors Elephant Reach – YALA Report on Induction & Training programme for Front Office Supervisors Summary This is a report based on an induction programme and training programme for two newly recruited front office supervisors of Elephant Reach – YALA. During the induction the trainees will be given a brief idea about the Hotel background & culture of the organization.

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Although they will be instruct about * Organization structure * Mission * Company ethics * Employee benefits & policies Training is a three day programme, which consists of * Customer Care * Personality Development * Computer Literacy * And first-hand experience of ‘How We Do Things Here’ Content 1. Induction Programme * Programme Sheet * Topics to be considered during the Induction I. Employee benefits II. Company Policies III. Organization Structure IV. Company Ethics 2. Training Programme * Nine Step Approach of Training (Go et al, 1996) i.

Analysed training needs ii. Preparing the training the training plan iii. Specifying training objectives iv. Designed training programme v. Selected instruction methods vi. Completed training plan vii. Conducting the training viii. Evaluation of training ix. Planning further training 3. Assumptions Induction programme for the front office supervisors * Date – November 26th 2011 * Time – 9. 00 am onwards * Venue – Board room of hotel premises * Coordinator – Director of HR Participants – Mr Saman Fernando & Mr Nimal Fernando * Mode of conduct – Presentations & lectures Programme| 09. 00 am – 09. 15 am| welcoming the participants| 09. 20 am – 09. 40 am| Introduction of the Organization | 09. 40 am – 10. 00 am| Tea break| 10. 00 am – 10. 30 am| Our Mission & hallmarks| 10. 30 am – 12. 30 pm| Employment Benefits & Policies| 12. 30 pm – 01. 30 pm| Lunch break| 1. 30 pm – 02. 30 pm| Company ethics| 02. 30 pm – 4. 30 pm| Inspection of the hotel and meeting the team | Topics to be considered during the Induction Introduction of the Organization

The newest luxury hotel Elephant Reach located in Southern most point of Sri Lanka is only 265 km drive from capital city of Colombo, which is owned and managed by Lanka Hotels & Travels (Pvt) Ltd. This unique nature resort spreads in 4 acres of land and consists of 21 chalets which are built under the shades of tropical trees such as Palu, Kohomba, Mango & Kadju (cashew) and is in close proximity to Yala National Park , Bundala Bird Sanctuary, historic town of Kataragama , Kirinda and Sithulpahuwa. Kataragama is a gateway to explore the rich cultural heritage of the ancient Ruhunu Kingdom dating back to 2 nd Century BC.

Guests will experience the most picturesque drives in Sri Lanka along the endless span of ocean on your way to Elephant Reach from the Bandaranayake International Airport , and as you continue further you will come across many historical places of interest and breath-taking sceneries. From the warm greetings and traditional drink presented on Guests arrival, Elephant Reach offers an exclusive hospitality experience of a life time. Our courteous, experienced and qualified staff will extend their assistance and pamper you from the time you arrive, till your departure. Our Mission To be the Leader in the Hospitality Industry in Sri Lanka “ Hallmark 1 – Work to realize the Dreams of Our Guests, it will make Your Dreams a Reality too. Hallmark 2 – Do not let a Guest pass by, without being greeted. Hallmark 3 – Always smile, for it will bring out the sunshine in you and in others. Hallmark 4 – Be Flexible & positive to achieve Quality Guest Service. Hallmark 5 – Treat your Colleagues the way You would like to be Treated. Employee Benefits After you join the team * You must complete the Induction & Orientation Programme before starting work in the relevant department. A probation period will be according to the employee’s category and level of appointment. * Your shifts may fall on Saturday, Sunday, Mercantile Holiday or on a Poya day. Time Keeping * Be in the department, in your uniform, ready to start work 5 minutes before you work * Punch your time card at the Leave Administration Office at the time of your arrival/departure. * Do not finish your shift before your reliever task over. * You may call upon to work extra hours after the usual times. Absence * If you can foresees any difficulty in coming to work, inform the Head of HR 24 hours prior to the reporting time. Failure to comply with this requirement could lead to disciplinary action. * Do not leave massage with fellow workers. * 3 days absences without notice will be considered as ‘vacation-of-post’. How to take leaves * Take leave after obtaining prior approval. Your leave card should be sent to the HR office before you go on leave. Off days * You will be assigned with 2 days off per week based on the level department you work for. Annual Leave Period Employed| Leave Entitlement| 1st January to 31st March | 14 days| 1st April to 30th June| 10 days| 1st July to 30th September | 07 days| st October to 31st December| 04 days| Wages * Our policy is to pay your wages to your bank account. * The salary and the relevant service charge for the previous month will be paid, usually by the 10th of each month. Increments * Increments will have to be earned. * Increment are normally given in the month of April and based on the Performance Evaluation. Employee’s Provident Fund * The Hotel will contribute 12% of the employee’s salary to the Employee’s Provident Fund. * The employee will contribute 8% to the found. This will be deducted from the salary. Employees’ Trust Found The Hotel will contribute 3% of the salary towards the employees’ trust found. Service Charge * Information on your eligibility will be in your letter of employment. Promotions * Decisions to promote an employee are based on the job performance. * Promotions are made from within the organization whenever possible Training & Development Programmes * Participation is mandatory. * Each employee’s training and development needs will be identified and communicated by the HRD. * Each employee must take personal responsibility to participate in relevant training session. Punctuality in attending programmes is very important. * You will be evaluated by the number of hours you participated in training programmes, at performance appraisals and promotions. Meals * You will be provided with free meals whilst on duty but you are not permitted to consume food other than in the cafeteria. * You may take 30 minutes for your main meal, and 15 minutes for your tea. Breakfast| 06. 00 am| -| 07. 30 am| Morning Tea| 09. 00 am| -| 10. 00 am| Lunch| 11. 00 am| -| 02. 00 pm| Afternoon Tea| 03. 00 pm| -| 04. 00 pm| Dinner| 06. 00 pm| -| 08. 00 pm| Night Tea| 09. 00 pm| -| 10. 0 pm| Night Snack | 12. 30 am| -| 02. 00 am| Smoking and drinking * Smoking in public places is not permitted. * Consumption of alcohol by the staff is strictly prohibited in the hotel premises; you are also not allowed to come to work with the influence of alcohol. * Strict disciplinary action will be taken against any employee who fails to adhere to the above. Telephone calls * Do not take your personal calls from the hotel phones, use coin boxes situated near the restaurant. * If proven that you take personal calls, the hotel has the right to recover charges from you. Uniforms Based on the job, you will be given three sets of uniforms, on joining the organisation. * Expenses due to careless use of uniforms will be charged on your account. * You have to return your uniforms to the housing keeping department before you resign from your service. * Uniforms should look clean and neat at all times. Washrooms * Clean bathrooms and washrooms are been provided for your convenience. * Help keep these places clean at all times. * Do not use guest washrooms. Personal grooming * You must confirm to standard of appearance and dress and refer instructions given at the induction. Higher standard personal hygiene must be maintained always. Organization Structure General Manager General Manager Human Resource Manager Human Resource Manager Food & Beverage Manager Food & Beverage Manager Room Division Manager Room Division Manager Front Office Supervisor Housekeeping Supervisor H Front Office Supervisor Housekeeping Supervisor H Chef de Cuisine Restaurant & Bar manager Chef de Cuisine Restaurant & Bar manager Organisation Ethics Chewing gums Do not chew chewing gum at work Eating is not allowed except in the cafeteria for relevant person.

Posture Do not lean when standing and sit straight when sitting. Stand up if you are seated If you are seated at a desk stand up and offer the guest to sit first. Open doors for guests when you see them approaching a door Speaking loud in public and chatting is not allowed. Do not talk loud from a distance to a colleague. Avoid talking in groups in public areas. Criticism must be given to colleagues in private and never in the presence of a guest. Blaming must be avoided. Do not blame your colleagues and management but accept the mistake in a professional manner. Greeting with a slight bow

Scratching Avoid scratching the head, nose, or hair in public areas Address by name whenever you know the name of the guest Pointing fingers avoid pointing fingers but direct with an open palm Touching While speaking do not touch guest while speaking, only a shake hand is allowed. Hands in pocket Avoid putting hands in the pocket in public areas Wait for the guest to finish If you are approaching someone who is busy with a guest, wait for the guest to finish the conversation and don’t interrupt. Cover when sneezing and coughing Cover your mouth when sneezing and coughing.

Nine Step Approach of Training for Front Office Supervisors Step 1 – Training Needs 1 Familiar with the day to day front office activities Front office supervisor should be able to lead and co-operate with other front office staff to carry out the daily front office process, such as * Registrations * Online bookings * Telephone operating * Guest inquiries & etc. 2 Improve good language commands Since this profession is a customer oriented duty, he/she needs very good language command in order to handle * Daily customers * Aggressive customers * Friendly customers & etc. Handle foreign customers Elephant Reach is a luxury boutique hotel which attracts a lot of foreign customers and not all customers are the same, hence must be able to co-operate with them and solve any problem that arises. 4 Personality developing & Grooming Front office supervisors should maintain good standards throughout and make customers feel the burden is on your shoulders and not theirs, so that they have a happy and memorable stay. In that case these employees should possess good hygiene standards, appearance should be appealing and pleasing.

Step 2 – This is an individual 3 days training programme for front office supervisors * Date -27th to 29th November 20011 * Location – Hotel premises and the Singapore Informatics Computer Institute * Methods of training – Lectures, Presentations, Role plays, Meetings & Activities Step 3 – By the end of the programme, employees should achieve those objectives. * Familiar with the day to day front office activities * Maintain an outstanding personality * Able to solve customer related problem Step 4 – Designed Training Programme Time| Location| Conductor| Module| Instruction method| Support resources| Day 1| 9. 00 am – 2. 00 pm| Hotel premises| Mrs. Aroshi Munasinghe| Improving Good Language Habits| Lecture, Presentation,Meetings & Role play| PowerPoint presentation, Videos & Foreigners| | 3. 00 pm – 5. 00 pm| Hotel premises| Miss. Preethi Gunarathne| Customer Care| Lecture & Presentation| Role play & Videos| | 8. 00 pm – 11. 00 pm| Hotel premises| Mrs. Subashree Niroshan| Introduction to Night Auditing| Observation| Previous Records| Day 2| 9. 00 am – 5. 00 pm| SICI – Colombo| Mrs.

Probodhini Jayasinghe| MS Office & Online Reservation Systems| Presentations,Structured assignments| IT lab & Internet| Day 3| 9. 00 am – 3. 00 pm| Hotel premises| Mr. Dumesh Kariyawasam| Personality Development| Activities & Games| Hand outs, Outdoor areas| | 5. 00 pm – 8. 00 pm| Hotel premises| HR Manager| Evaluation| Step 5 – Type of Training In Company on the Job Training Since this is service industry, the job performed by a front office supervisor cannot be thought by lectures & presentations; it needs lots of first-hand experience to improve the job performance.

Training takes place by observing the present front office supervisors performing his/her duties. The employee gets familiar with the organization culture while interacting with the person who is in-charge at present. This method of training is cost effective and needs no unwanted expenditure and results obtain are instant. The feedback of the trainer is also immediate. Step 6 – Completing the training plan Target Group – Two members of front office supervisors Topics to be consider * Familiar with the day to day front office activities Maintain an outstanding personality * Able to solve customer related problem Method of training * On the job training * Presentations * Lectures * Activities Duration – 3 days Location – Hotel Premises & SICI Step 7 – Conducting Training * Our trainers are professionally qualified and well versatile * We provide accommodation, food and travel facilities during the mentioned period of training * We give the new comers to meet our senior and present front office supervisors to share experiences , so that they don’t feel isolated and nervous

Step 8 – Evaluation Method * Panel discussion with organizational heads * Personal interviews with the head of HR * Stretched exercise based on reservation systems & property management system Step 9 – Planning further training The performance of the above mentioned trainees will be observed for a maximum period of 5 to 6 months and if the performance is up to standard, then they will be participate only for the annual employed training programme, if not the management and HR will decide the further process. Conclusion

Induction & Training programmes for front office supervisors are given above. Those were made according to the HR policies of the Hotel and the basic training need of the particular employees. In order to make this success, I ask your fullest cooperation and support. Thank You Mr Ranal Murray Head of HR Assumptions * Hotel – Elephant Reach – YALA * Job Position – Front Office Supervisors * Number of employees – Two * Employee Benefits & Organization Ethics mentioned in the report are General. By Ranal Murray


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