Ghost and Boogie Woods

Ghost and Boogie Woods

The Boogie Woods Do you believe in ghosts??? Well if not go to the boogie woods with me and I will make a believer out of you. These woods are northeast of Dexter, Missouri. There are many spooky tales and a lot of them are true. I myself have witnessed some of these apparitions. Some people say that the stories stem from teenagers partying out in the boogie woods but they do not. Most of these tales happen in Hagy cemetery in Dexter, Missouri. There is a little boy that sets under a tree and reads. It is said that if you approach him that he will disappear.

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It is also believed that there are very large animals that have glowing red eyes. There was a man in the year 2000 that hung himself from a big oak tree at the beginning of the cemetery drive way. You are supposed to be able to see this man hanging from the tree at night yelling. An accused witch was mad at her husband and threw him off the balcony of their house and he fell to his death. He roams the woods looking to avenge his death and haunting all those who see him(Noles). In 1978 a man named William Dale Abel kidnapped a girl from Essex, Missouri. He picked her up at the intersection of Highway FF and Interstate 60 near Essex.

Her name was Linda Johnson. He took her at gun point to Triplett cemetery and raped her. He then led her to out into the woods and shot her to death. He left her on a church yard. He was questioned and finally broke down and led the police to the church. He was imprisoned for life but was paroled and released without the Johnson family’s knowledge. He was told by some family friends that if he did not leave that they would tell Linda’s father that he was in town. Dale moved up to High Ridge, Missouri where he held a girl at knife point and raped her. She barely escaped.

Later they found out that Abel was a serial killer. Linda’s ghost haunts the cemetery and it is said that if you go to the cemetery at night she can be seen walking around. It is also said that if you turn your motor off and set there you cannot get it started again for a while (Noles). There is a rail road out in the Boogie woods and there used to be some old ford trucks out there with no motor. Some kids were out there driving around and these trucks started flashing their lights and then started chasing these kids. The faster they went the faster the trucks went.

Joe Triplett, the youngest Triplett ever to be buried in Triplett cemetery, was a WW1 veteran. After the war he went crazy. He lived in the Bolin house on Rt. NN. He wanted to kill himself. He decided to slit his throat and shoot himself and then proceed to jump out of the second story window. His ghost is seen around that house and they could not get the blood out of the carpet for fifty years (“Hagy cemetery haunting”). In 1970 some kids heard screaming at night. They heard this a few nights and decided to take their pit bull and check it out.

They stopped in the middle of Hagy cemetery and sat a few minutes. The dog kept acting funny and started barking very loud and aggressively and then they heard a scream coming from the woods. There is a hidden cemetery out behind Triplett cemetery and if you go out there you will be chased away by the ghosts(“Hagy cemetery haunting”). I believe all of these stories. I have witnessed a few things like these in the Boogie Woods. I do not know about you but I get the chills thinking about going out there. So if I were you I would be cautious of the ghosts of the Boogie Woods .


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