Greed in Chicken Run

Greed in Chicken Run

Chicken Run is a movie of several themes, greed being on of the more predominant. Greed is what leads to the problems that the characters in the movie face as the Tweedy’s turn the egg farm into a chicken pie factory because of the increase in profit. The theme of greed is portrayed mostly throughout the movie by some of the characters and helps give the audience an idea of the attitudes and personalities of those characters. One of those characters is Mrs. Tweedy, as she is unsatisfied with the profits from the eggs the chickens lay and soon changes the function of their farm and turns it into a chicken pie factory. This is our future, Mr. Tweedy. No more wasting time with petty egg collection and minuscule profits. ” “This will take Tweedy’s farm out of the Dark Ages and into full-scale automated production. Melisha Tweedy will be poor no longer. ” Her greed brings on the main problem in the movie, that the chickens would be killed and made into pies unless they find a way to escape. When the character of Rocky is brought in, he gives the chickens false hope of escape by ‘teaching’ them how to fly regardless of the fact he too cannot fly in exchange for the chickens hiding him from he circus.

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His selfishness gets the better of him and he takes advantage of the chicken’s kindness and is unable to teach them to fly. “Rocky: Is there a problem? ” “Ginger: Have we flown over that fence? ” “Rocky: Not quite. ” “Ginger: Then there’s a problem. ” Rocky soon deserts the chickens, leaving them to fend for themselves, but he soon realises the danger they’re in and returns in the nick of time. The rats, Nick and Fetcher, also portray greed when asked to find the objects that the chickens needed to help them escape. “Nick: Oh…

This is a big job, miss. Bigger than the others. This is gonna cost. ” “Ginger: Same as always. One bag of seed. ” “Nick: You call this pay? ” “Fetcher: It’s chicken feed. ” “Ginger: What else could we give you? ” “Nick: Eggs. ” “Ginger: Eggs? ” “Nick: Eggs. ” “Ginger: No. Our eggs are too valuable. ” “Nick: And so are we. After you, Fetcher. ” (Continued) In the end, however, Nick and Fetcher put aside their greed and agreed to help the chickens build their aircraft making their escape possible and live at the chicken sanctuary with them

Greed is a prominent theme in Chicken Run and helps cause the problem and also helps the audience understand the characteristics of certain characters. This movie proves that greed brings no good, as Mrs. Tweedy ended up without a farm, a place to live, and chickens and injured. Chicken Run reminds us that you have to believe in yourself before you can accomplish your hopes, and that we tend to forget that happiness comes from appreciating what we already have and not the result of getting something we don’t have


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