Interpersonal Conflict in Flim

Interpersonal Conflict in Flim

Interpersonal Conflict in Film The interpersonal conflict in the movie Hitch is miscommunication/misunderstanding. The main characters Hitch and Sara have a fight that could have been avoided had they communicated. It takes them awhile to talk things out and communicate. In the end they do communicate and work it all out. Communication is a key to a good relationship. In the movie Hitch the interpersonal conflict that I choose was the one between Alex (Hitch) Hitchings and Sara Melas.

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In the movie they start dating until Sara finds out that Hitch is the “date doctor” which, she thinks is responsible for her friend getting dumped. When Sara finds out she goes on her date with Hitch and she tells him that she knows what he does and doesn’t give him time to explain himself. Hitch shows up at a speed-dating thing where they exchange words but still don’t get things worked out. Later Sara goes to Hitch’s house to say she is sorry but he just blows her off.

Then in their next meeting they actually work things out and all is well. I think that if Sara and Hitch would have been honest in the first place or had communicated it out in the first place then they could have worked things out a lot sooner. Hitch could have communicated to Sara even a little more about what his job included then she could have been prepared. If Sara could have stayed at Hitch’s house and listened to what his explanation of the situation at hand instead of just leaving and not communicating at all.

Just communicating things out instead of fighting then they would have had more time to know each other. If you are going to be in a relationship you need to be prepared to communicate your thoughts and feelings. If Alex and Sara had communicated then they wouldn’t have as big of fight as they did or they might not have had a fight at all. Mordaunt, W. , Tadross, M. (Executive Producers), &Tennant, A. (Director). (2005). Hitch [Film]. Los Angeles: Sony Pictures.


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