J&G Garden Center: Lawn Care Services Division

J&G Garden Center: Lawn Care Services Division

J&G Garden Center: Lawn Care Services Division 1. Mr. Weed to me feels stuck between a rock and a hard place. As someone who has grown up in the outskirts of Columbus, Ohio, he feels the need to take into consideration, first, the views of his company from the public point of view before he can side with the company itself. To Mr. Weed If it is destroying his land then it should be stopped. With all of that being said, Mr. Weed is not taking into consideration that there is risk with almost every business venture taken.

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The company did everything by the books and accounted for all necessary precautions that should have been taken in order to make sure that all associated parties including customers were protected, all areas were shielded off, and warnings were made along with them signing all documents to make sure all terms and conditions were understood. He must realize that the new division, like most everything involves a certain level of risk and guidelines that must be followed, especially by the customer.

Since this new division is bringing in profits never seen before in the company, Mr. Weed could take proceeds from that to fund a pesticide awareness group that goes around educating the public at different events on behalf of the company that will teach proper maintenance and after care of treated lawns and yards. This may be a way to show the company in a more positive light to using pesticides and educating the public on the proper care their property. 2.

An argument in favor of eliminating or changing the new division would be if the public viewpoint weighs heavier on the company than the proceeds from the new division. As stated in my answer for number 1 if the company wants to hold on to the new division it can hold and support local town gatherings and educate the public on proper lawn care. Another option is to start a new organic approach to lawn care, one that doesn’t harm animals or water supplies. 3. This answer can vary.

It has a lot to do with whether or not a company sees profits more important than the way the company is viewed in the eyes of the public. As long as the shareholders wealth is growing, and the suppliers are happy, and business is growing, than it’s doing the right thing. Some might argue at what cost; if it is damaging the environment around it and the community at large is not happy, that can also be not only bad for the business but bad for the community it affects. Some companies might see its environment and holding a good name in the eyes of the public as more important.


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