Kanban Pull System

Kanban Pull System

nAssignment OPERATION MANGEMENT PERSENTATION Topic: KANBAN PULL SYSTEM Submitted to Mr. Giresh. M Asst. Professor AIMIT Submitted by P. Kranthi kumar Rg-No-1016077 MBA,B-batch AIMIT KANBAN PULL SYSTEM To build only what customers demand when they demand, JIT(Jest In Time) manufacturing needs a scheduling system that can immediately and Cleary communicate the demand of the customers to the delivery system . The Kanban system does this Kanban is a Japanese word meaning card and these cards are the mean of the communication within, to and from a work center .

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Kanban are the heart of the JIT system. They effectively replace all written work order, move ticket and routing sheet. No parts can move, produced or used without an appropriate Kanban. Part and component are transferred from one work area to another in rigid plastic container. These container are just large enough to hold a small and fixed quantity of units. There are two kinds of Knabans there are production Kanban and withdrawal Kanban. The information written on Kan ban includes reference number, storage area associated work center.

The goal is to continually reduce kanban / buffer sizes to lower inventory level, improve quality and reduce lead-time. Information and services as well as products can be pulled. McDonald’s method of keeping burger lanes full during peak periods is a recognizable example of a pull system in a service application. Kanban system is not an inventory control system. It is a scheduling system that tells us.. * what to produce, * when to produce it, and * how much to produce. The purpose of the Kan ban system is to signal the need for more parts to ensure that those parts are produced in the time to support subsequent fabrication.

This is down by pulling parts though from the final assembling line. Only the final assembly line received a scheduling from the dispatching office and this supplier received production order from the subsequently work center will also soon stop, since they will no longer received Kanban order for more materials. The Kanban system is a physical movement of the container, the Kanban cards are used. These cards are used to authorize production and to identify parts in any container. The Kanban cards may be made with plastic and they contained information on the card.

Kanban system is to signal the need for more parts and to ensure that those parts are produced in time to support subsequent assembly. This is down by pulling parts through from the final assembly line. Kanban system is a physical control system consisting of cards and containers. To control of the containers ,kanban cards are used. This system is widely used by Toyota Manufactory Company which is there in the Japan. Part No. E262Part Name: Wheel| Preceding process stamping A12 Subsequent process Rubber tyre B6| Box capacity| Box Type| Issue No. | | 20| B| 4 of 8| |

Kanban card take the place of shop paperwork used in traditional repetitive manufacturing. Withdrawal Kanban Part Number:X1603Part Name: Wheel RimStock location at which to store 1879-2Container Capacity:20| Process stamping A12| Production Kanban WORK OF THE KANBAN SYSTEM Assume that eight containers are used between work center A and B and each container hold exactly 2o parts. The maximum inventory that can exist between these two work center is than 160 units since production work at work center. A will stop when all container are failed. In the normal course, the eight containers might be distributed as in figer.

Three containers are located at work center A in the output area filled with parts. One container being filled at work center A by the machine. One full container is move from the work center A to B ,two container are kept in the input area of work center B and one container is being used at B . These 8 container also produced parts for other work center, machines at A may break down and time taken to move materials from work center A to B is not exactly predictable. Flow chat INPUTWORKCENTER AOUTPUTIN TRANSITWITHDRAWAL CARDS WORK CENTER B(withdrawal kanban post)OUTPUT

Calculations of the number of containers needed: The number of containers needed to operate a work center is a functional of the demand rate, container size and the circulation time for a container. The number required for an item is calculated. n=DT/C Where n= total number of containers D=demand rate of the work center C= container size in number of parts T=time for a container to complete an entire circuit. Benefits of Kanban Kanban system have resulted in significant benefits: * Reduced inventory level * Less confusion over sequence of activities * Less obsolescence of inventories of activates. * Reduced lead time Improved Quality * Greater system flexibility. * Organizes the workplace * Leads to lower unit cost * Supports continuous improvements * Smaller floor space requirement for storing inventory. Reference: Total Quality management by- K. Sridher Bhat Operations Management by-B. Mahadavan Articles referred Harvard business review Just-in-Time Production Controlled by Kanban By- JamesT. Rhea 9 pages. Publication date: Jan 16, 1984. http://hbr. org/product/just-in-time-production-controlled-by-kanban/an/684047-PDF-ENG http://www. manufacturingcrossing. com/article/340006/Kanban-Magic-in-Manufacturing/


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