Love for All Hatered for None

Love for All Hatered for None

??? ???? ??????? ?????? In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Ever Merciful Love for All Hatred for None. In the Holy Quran, Allah the Exalted mentions that whenever there is ???? that is disorder or the situation of breaking up ties, spread in this world; he send his messengers to reform the world into a compound of peace and love spread all over. Same happened about 1400 years ago when all such disorders were so intensely spread out in the world that the human beings turned into savage enemies of each other.

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Romans were killing thousands and thousands of people from the Persian Empire just to enlarge their kingdom and Persians were killing scores of Romans just to do the opposite. Syrians were killing Iraqis and vice versa. Arabs who were not an ally to the either were killing people among themselves. Daughters which are a sign of love in the society were buried alive by their caretakers. In short the mutual love of mankind was a rare thing to be seen and it looked as if it was the twilight of human civilization and civics.

At that time, Allah the Exalted sent his revered Messenger the Holy Prophet Muhammad ? , and assigned him the task of restoring and improving the quality of love in the human race. He was sent to teach people how to love their Creator, their fellow human beings, other animals, how to take care of their mutual relations and even how to take care of plants and trees around them. That is why the holy Quran says: ? ?? ??????? ??? ???? ???????? That: “We have not sent you but a source of mercy for all the worlds. ” The Holy Prophet ? o nicely fulfilled this task that the total scenario of the world changed. Nations started respecting the sovereignty of other nations. The man who brought up two daughters in full care was looking forward for his high rank in Jannah. The Holy Prophet elaborated the code of conduct between various relations in order to safeguard them. Slaves, who were maltreated to such an extent that even animals were given priority over them, were turned into the brothers of their owners. The Arabs who were thought to be the sign of hatred were transformed into the kind-hearted rulers of the world.

This was the transformation that the Holy Prophet ? brought over. In short the world was transformed into the abode of peace and love. In short, the Slogan of “Love for all and Hatred for None” became the order of the time. After that once again the people started to forget the true teachings of the Holy Prophet? and discriminations on the sheer basis of race and religion started to emerge from among the rulers and their subordinates. Once again this resulted into another disorder and the hatred among the human beings started to overwhelm the world with its harmful side-effects.

At that time once again the Spirit of the Holy Prophet ? emerged into the form of Promised Messiah. The Promised Messiah (A. S) once again started preaching love. But the people who were fond of wars, disorders and were the preachers of hatred started opposing him and declared him “Kafir” and other such names were given to him. There were many tries to persecute him or assassinate him, but he was under the guard of Allah therefore all their tries were in vain. But the notable point is that Huzoor also prayed for his enemies and requested his Almighty God to guide them to the right path.

He also taught his jammat to stay calm against every act of brutality and shed their tears in front of God. He taught his followers how to love their enemies and that is what distinguishes his followers from all the other people. That is what appreciated all around the world as a unique slogan, a delectable teaching that must be implied in the world in order to attain the lasting peace. May Allah enable us to spread this teaching of “Love for All, Hatred for None” in the world and be a practical example of this slogan. Amen.


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