Marketing Meredith Case Study

Marketing Meredith Case Study

Case Study Meredith: On what main variables has Meredith focused in segmenting its markets? Meredith Corp. uses a combination of decision trees, linear and logistic regression, and other data-mining techniques to segment customers on the database. Using of regression and database analysis to find the best prospects. According to their Data Base Meredith segmented the markets according to Gender, and Female became it’s targeted section. hen according to life stages, Behavioral segmentation To be more precisely they segment their customer according to demographic regions, to illustrate higher income, lower income because they believe that segment the customers the right way will give consumers what they want. Meredith Corporation became the leading media and marketing company serving American women. Which target marketing strategy best describe Meredith’s efforts?

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Support your choice. Best strategy is direct marketing. According to Vice President of Consumer Marketing David Ball, guidance by leaders who understand the ins and outs of direct marketing provides a distinct edge for Meredith Corp. and “sets the company apart from many others in the industry. How does Meredith use its variety of products to build relationships with the right customers?

Using of regression and database analysis to find the best prospects. When it comes to targeting the right customer, Focusing on long-term investments, hiring direct marketing experts and sharing lessons learned across promotional groups, staying true to the original founder’s vision by following comprehensive customer service goals helps retain customers and enhance cross-selling opportunities.

Consumers gravitate toward companies that make day-to-day living easier, Meredith Corp. distinguishes itself by addressing problems immediately and working to ensure customers are satisfied, not just placated. Working to create solutions that serve customer needs and staying in touch with those needs through surveys and phone calls, Meredith Corp. maintains the original founder’s vision while keeping pace with current trends in the marketplace.


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