Marketing Paper on Macy’s Inc.

Marketing Paper on Macy’s Inc.

WEEK #3 ASSIGNMENT MACY’S INC. Name: Wendy Sattall Class: Bus 235 Professor: Donna Manley Date: October 30, 2011 Page 2 Macy’s Inc Thesis Statement: Macy’s was one of the first biggest retail chain stores to hit in the United states and continue to prosper in the fashion industry. In my essay I will speak about some of the concepts of retail marketing and establishment that was conquered. Macy’s Inc. , is a federated department store that was founded in nineteen century in

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Columbus Ohio. Federated was originally a department store holding company for Abraham & Straus federated expanded nationwide adding the sister store Burdines, Bloomingdale’s and also other brother stores as well. Macy’s Inc retail location was in a “community shopping center with 20 or more smaller stores. Macy’s Inc has functional elements of price ranges, store layout, and breedth and depth of merchandise lines. ” (Marketing/Roger A. Kerin, Steven W. Hartley, William Rudelius. , 10th Edition, pager 446) The Marketing technique of the Macy’s Inc was made from an observation made in Paris. When shopping at Macy’s Inc. I found that Macy’s specialize in mid to high range of retail merchandise. Macy’s Inc targets middle to high class shoppers, at the same time you can get the same merchandise that would be Page 3 more costly in a high end store like Saks, Bloomingdales and Neumann Marcus Stores. What separates Macy’s Inc from their competitive is the super Wednesday sale. Macy’s also have clearance sale all year round in every department on top name brand items. Macy’s have a lot of promotions sales as well. Macy’s carries several brand of merchandise so you have a variety to pick from at an affordable price.

Macy’s Inc is one of the first to bring the biggest and profitable retail shopping day called “Black Friday. ” Macy’s Inc. also offers online shopping with good promotion sales. Today Men are changing their shopping behavior and now men are purchasing their own clothes. Macy’s has enlarged the men retail sections, and also Macy’s Inc has an up scale environment, the employee’s are dressed very business professional. The customer service is always with a smile and very generous. Macy’s policy on returns and warranty are very relaxed and to the customer’s satisfaction.

I brought something from Macy’s and returned the item 6 months later and had no problem has long as I had the receipt. Macy’s wants customers to return, so their logo is to have a customer leave with a smile*. Macy’s implemented innovative retail firsts, such as “pay when you can credit policies and arranging merchandise by size rather then color, bran or price. (www. MacysInc. com) Page 4 Conclusion: Macy’s Inc (formerly Federated Department Stores Inc. ) is one of the nations most successful, and respected retail institutions. Macy’s continue to prosper by adapting, and flowing with new demands in an ever-changing society.

Marketing activities does help to enhance business to a success by scheduling ongoing everyday activities and promotional sales including clearance, specific projects, and Idea generation, networking events, communicating with consumers and affiliates. Macy’s expanded gift options to re-brand customers, national gift giving, and gift returns. Macy’s is also global. Macy’s four priorities are assortments, price simplication, improving the shopping experience, and marketing. Page 5 References: 1. Marketing/Roger A. Kerin, Steven W. Hartley, William Rudelius. , 10th Edition, pager 446. 2. www. MacysInc. com


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