Non-State Actors Affected International Relations

Non-State Actors Affected International Relations

Non-State Actors: Have an ability to affect International Relations 1 Introduction By the Peace of Westphalia ended the thirty years war, began the world politics and began the establishment of political system. There are global organizations controlled by states like United Nations (UN) and regional organizations which are the members from the nearest area with the same ideologies and take same principal of the organization like European Union (EU). Other side there are informal organization or also called Non-State Actors (NSA) that controlled by people from the states.

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Together they increase the world politics. NSA influenced the political systems also affected in the International Relations. In this essay I would divided into three topics: (1) Non-State Actors, (2) Non-State Actors in the International Relations. With these cases, I would explain about Non-State Actors, the background and the types of NSA. Find and connecting NSA case with the International Relation. The case will be explain by describing the issue and give some samples. The choice of these two cases are significant because they are related each other. NSA is easy to discuss and easier to understand.

As we knew that NSA is the political organization and it’s actual in a life on the world politics. By giving some samples and kind of cases, it will be more explanation about the relation of NSA and International Relations. How could NSA affected the International Relations by joined their membership organization with UN and create some activities that related to the issue of diplomatic or conferences that marked by UN. The structure of this essay is as follows. First I will explain about Non-State Actors, the types of Non-State Actors (NSA), and next about NSA in International Relations.

Special attention will be paid on the NSA participate in UN conference and Programme. 2 Non-State Actors (NSA) The background The Westphalia (1648) ended the thirty years war. Also ended the authority of pope by creates independent and sovereignty. The world politics began and people establishment the national level of governmental to appear with their own respective ideologies, then came to be a state. They discuss, negotiate, and collaborate with other states about politics, about how they could build their own countries.

This relation worked as the formal structure and is run by the government, parliaments as the representative of the state. As the time and the development of political systems, then it is making of global organization like United Nations (UN) also the regional organization like European Union (EU). They influenced world and increasingly the world conditions to be better and growth. Because there are a lot of problems in the world politics, so people create other organizations that concern to help the establishment of political systems but they are not under the state, this is called Non-State Actors (NSA).

Types of NSA There are two types of NSA: IGOs and NGOs. IGOs are organizations or institutions joined by the states and governments that have an authority to make decisions of problem on the global agenda. IGOs are the most important because their members are states create the interstate system at the global level of analysis. IGOs have limited membership. NATO (The North Atlantic Treaty Organization), for example is primarily a military alliance, others like OAS (Organization of American States), both of these organization promote economic development and democratic reforms.

Because most IGOs are concentrate their activities on specific economic or social issues and special concern for the management of trade and transportation. NATO for example, as world knew the problem about the death of Gaddafi. NTC stated they need help to deal with Gaddafi’s support. So the head of the Transitional Government of Libya called for NATO to extend their operations in Libya until the end of the year. Like Mustafa Abdul Jalil, the head of the National Transition Council said that the extension is needed to help the people of surplus weapons and oversee Libya facing proponents of Gaddafi.

So NATO decided to extend the operations in Libya until the end on 31 October and delayed a final decision regarding the Organization’s mission in Libya. 3 Non-State Actors in the International Relations NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) The most organization that join and affect in International Relations is NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) which is transnational organizations of private citizens work with UN to help the associations, foundations, multinational corporations, or simply we can say that NGOs are internationally active group in different states joined together to work common interests.

NGOs in practice approach to diplomacy and conduct discussions with diplomats. They do approach as much as possible, as well as through the approach by giving advice or support to a diplomat to negotiate. This process also called “hallway diplomacy. ” However, diplomats in participate conduct with International Relations. Diplomats gave a very important effect of the relationship of a State towards other States. There are a lot of NGOs memberships which are already join with the UN and affected the growth of issues in global organization to solve the world politics problems.

They are UNESCO, WHO, ECOSOC. WHO for example, they implementing the HIV/AIDS program for the world. It is also can said that NGOs are the partners of UN and together solve the problems. NGOs participated in UN conferences, such as Stockholm Conference on the Environment on 1972. UN faced on the problem of accommodating the huge numbers of NGOs representatives converging on the conference site. Other NGOs diplomatic functions are now finding more occasions to work representative with the governments as the international level.

The joint of UN Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), has five NGOs taking part in the work of its program coordination board. Their representatives are board members rather than observers. They also providing input to the development, implementation, and evaluation of the work program of the Habitat Center, the UN secretariat section that deals with human settlements as part of the UN Environment Programme. By all of those consequences and deals of work with the UN in the International Relations, NGOs as the part of Non-State Actors has already affected the International Relations although it is in a little ability.

Conclusion As my thesis in the introduction, I already explain about NSA, the types of NSA, and the affected to the International Relations. In more focus on the UN conferences that followed by NGOs and the activities, the UN Programme of HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS). My arguments are NGOs important joined with UN and make relations in international level. NGOs have a lot of interesting programs and could build a better world politics in the economic and social fields in the world. By the famous Alliance with NGOs, it simplifies the UN steps to affect the world welfare.

The programme of the economic and society will be more specific affected in the world. So, it is growth the International Relations as the most important thing in the world. References Kegley, C. W. , eds (2008), World Politics: Trend and Transformation. USA: Thomson Higher Education. Robert Jean, and Leguey Feilleux. (2009), The Dynamics of Diplomacy. USA: Lynne Rienner Publishers, Inc. http://www. bbc. co. uk/indonesia/dunia/2011/10/111026_libianato. shtml taken on 30 October at 08. 28 p. m.


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