Pig Heart Boy

Pig Heart Boy

‘Pig Heart boy CEL’ This book is about a 13year old boy called Cameron who is desperate need of a heart transplant . Cameron has been determid to live a normal life since the word go, but would you still be sure enough to take one from a pig? There are 3 techniques to help tell this story used in this book. The first technique is 1st person narrative this helps you see Cameron’s character how he is feeling as you get further through the book and how his character changes. The second technique that used is the telling of Cameron’s Story.

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It shows you about the whole interest of the newspapers (Daily Press), with the newspaper and the many offers of money if Cameron sold his story. In the Book it shows you a newspaper article think that because it Cameron wasn’t actually interviewed ,that shows you how this operation has different effects on different people and that depending on how you feel about it then there’s many different views. The Last technique that is used is used is the video diary’s that Cameron records for his yet unborn sibling.

He shockingly found out about when going to visit his pig ‘Trudy’ When his Mum explained “But you don’t understand … am pregnant’’ As he is not sure yet he is ever going to live till the day his brother/sister is born, he makes Video accounts of what he is thinking at the time and how he feels at the time for his brother/sister to see in the future. This is a good effect because you get to see how he feels or how he thinks other feel towards him on a day to day base, away from any influence of what others think.

From the very start of the book you learn that Cameron although challenged is a very eager and determid boy. But after the operation just before he went back to school, he becomes extremely rude, arrogant and Self-centred towards what may be one of the most important things to him in his life, his friends. Especially Marlon! “I heard your family made a lot of money selling me out… ’’ He feels really upset, hurt and betrayed because Marlon told his Dad and his Dad told the papers and he thought that he could trust Marlon.

Caught up in it all the attention he was getting, he didn’t realise or notice the friends and classmates, who couldn’t even look him in directly in the eye anymore, “I hadn’t noticed the ones who kept well away. ’’ One of the main themes that run through the book for the very start of the book is when you find out that Cameron needs a heart transplant and gets a proposal donor , but from a pig. This gets you on to the whole topic of vivisection. I never knew how much of a controversy topic it was or taken much noticed of all the angles it’s looked in. On the one hand there are the groups totally against vivisection like ‘the L.

E. P. A. R’ and despise anyone who carry out anything along the lines to do with it. Like when somebody threw pig’s blood over Cameron. (Which I was shocked at) And the other there’s people like Doctor Bryce who are very much behind it all! I personally don’t think it’s a good idea because it’s another animal’s life, which you can’t always be sure that it’s going to work out the way you want it too anyway because they are injecting diseases that we as human’s which they do not carry in their nature; there are so many other procedures that can be done instead.

I thought that this was a really enjoyable book, one that I would definitely decide to read again. I was really surprised by it because I wouldn’t normally if was to pick a book, go for that sort of type but once I actually started to read it I soon learned it was one of those books where I was hooked on I think that this book is really good and I would recommend you read it. For me it has helped me get a wider perspective on my views and thoughts of vivisection and a very interesting book.

Its help me understand there’s always another side to each story even if you don’t mean for it too affect anyone but yourself ,everyone has views on the action’s you take. Not always the way you’re looking for. I don’t think Cameron meant to harm anyone along the way I still think he has always been the same Cameron all along and that his mood swings wasn’t from the pig’s heart but from how he thought others felt towards him, it’s a natural thing – everyone does it.


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