Pobby and Dingan

Pobby and Dingan

Word Count: 293 Pobby and Dingan Statement of Intent: Thoughts from Kellyanne Ben Rice’s short novel “Pobby and Dingan” demonstrates many emotions through such a brief story. This Australian tale it is at one point a beautiful narrative taken place in the childhood of Ashmol Williamson, which quickly turns into a fable stressing the importance of imagination, and teaches about childhood loss. Kellyanne Williamson, little sister of Ashmol, has two and only two friends, Pobby and Dingan, both of which are figments of her imagination.

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One day, concerned father decides to bring the two “friends” to work while little Kellyanne is at school and when she arrives home, they are nowhere to be found. Grieving over her only companions, she begins to grow sick and the Williamson’s have the whole town searching for them. Earlier along in the novel, a scene arouses where both Kellyanne’s parents argue over the fact that their daughter, despite having Pobby and Dingan, has no friends while she sits outside conversing with the two fellows.

In this scene, I plan to demonstrate what is going through Kellyanne’s head as she secretly overhears her parents talking on this sensitive subject. This will enhance the story by letting the reader know the real reason why she has no friend’s and is so attached to Pobby and Dingan. It will show my knowledge of the entire story because this happens so early in the book, I will have to know Kellyanne’s exact views of life and people over all. Also, the use of Australian slang will enhance the POV because it will blend together with the original story naturally so that there would be no recognition of my part with Rice’s.


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