Prevent Abortion

Prevent Abortion

Prevent Abortion Killing a tender life in the embryo is a crime. Regardless of many attempts of the government to stop such illegal activity, many cases of abortion come up. Nearly millions of women undergo abortion every year; forcefully or with their own desire. There are many alternatives to prevent pregnancy, instead of aborting the child. Proper guidance will be very helpful in this case. Here are some important suggestions that will help you know how to prevent abortion. Ways to prevent abortion: •Government has to make strict laws against abortion.

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Women, men and doctors, whoever is involved in this should be given strict punishments. It is a criminal act and the rules should be strict enough. •Most of the cases of abortion are seen in rural areas due to lack of proper education. Proper sex education should be given to the teens in rural areas. •Sex education is important for teens. They should have good teachers who help them understand things in a better manner. Even mothers should help their children about such facts. •This will help in reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies. •There are millions of teen pregnancies and most of the abortion cases are in teens. In teen age, children may undergo situations of stress and dissatisfactions, which can urge them to engage in such sexual activities that call up an unwanted pregnancy and abortion, so educate them about sex. •Feel free to discuss such issues with your children. Give them enough freedom to express their views and opinions. Most of the times children are not directed in a right manner and this could be very dangerous for them. •Contraceptives should be made easily available. Many people do not have access to the contraceptives due to shortage in the market. Production of contraceptives should be increased. Contraceptives should be made easily available. Some people do not use them as they are very expensive. •Government should look into the matter and take steps to make them easily available at an affordable price. •Educating the teens about the contraceptive is also an important factor. They should be aware of the safety measures to be taken while using contraceptives. •There should be active involvement of men in such cases. Men are equally responsible in the act of abortion, sometimes more than women. They should make sure that they use proper precautions while having relationships with any woman. This helps woman in preventing unwanted pregnancy and thus prevents abortion. •Many people use the method of sterilization for preventing pregnancy. This is a permanent method of preventing pregnancy. Instead, they should opt for temporary methods for preventing pregnancy. •Proper family planning should be done by the couples so as to avoid unwanted pregnancies. If proper family planning is not done, women may opt for abortion and may not want to give birth to a child. •There should be a better understanding between the couples. They should have same the opinions. This will help them in planning and giving birth to a child, only when they wish. Hospitals are also equally responsible for encouraging the activity of abortion. Many hospitals hide this fact and carry out abortions illegally in an attempt to earn money. •As a responsible citizen, if you notice such illegal activities you should report them to anti-abortion authorities. Such hospitals need to be exposed so that abortions can be reduced. Trying the above suggestions and you will be able to prevent abortion, which is cruel, illegal and brutal activity. Related Tags: how to prevent from aborting, my clit hurts, percentage of teenagers pregnancy


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