Reel Bad Arabs

Reel Bad Arabs

Reel Bad Arabs While viewing the movie, I learned that discrimination occurs throughout our everyday lives. The question is why it is occurring so much throughout the world and people are not being treated fairly just because of who they are. People judge others through how they are or look but, never by who they are. I believe if a person views this movie, they should have an understanding of how to learn to not discriminate or be prejudice towards not only Arabs but, every other race. Why is prejudice and discrimination occurring throughout our daily lives?

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As Arabs, there are many reasons for example; 9/11, beliefs and values, and culture/religion. I believe it does not matter where you come from, people still discriminate and underestimate you. I do not understand why people could be so racists towards us Arabs due to one tragic occurrence “9/11”, we are considered as terrorists. Till this very day people bring this occurrence back, why is that fair to every Arab? For example if a male is seen with a long beard he is automatically considered as a terrorist.

The male will be misunderstood and questioned by surroundings due to how he looks, all because of the image people have towards Arabs because of “9/11. ” In the movie they gave an example on how there was a young Catholic boy who fused a bomb in Oklahoma City. They did not go and judge every Irish Catholic as a terrorist; they simple pushed it to the side and forgot about it. They simply went and made accusations on how it could be a Middle Eastern suspect and once they caught him, there were no sincerely apologies or anything, and it was a lack of respect.

Because an Arab believes he or she should be covered, or united, people begin to judge that. They are looked at as people who live in the desert kill and control their women. The movie Reel Steel gave examples on how Arabs are portrayed, in which it’s true. Women are always the belly dancing, lack of knowledge or maybe covered from head to toe. A man is not looked as loving or caring, but rather as heartless and hardcore killer. Theories such as the Symbolic Interaction theory explains on how people react based on symbols and add meaning to it.

Because of this, with Arabs people have added the meaning of bomb, killing, terrorist and all these other meaning because on how people have given them these symbols. The movie Reel Steel begins to explain that movies have portrayed the same image for Arabs regardless of the scenario. They are the people who live in the desert, who kill. Even Disney’s Aladdin was seen by millions of children worldwide. But the movie was full of stereotype. It gave Arabs an image of the black beard, the violent antagonist who is there to cause the problem.

It’s a shame to know that even cartoons that are stretched out to the ages of two to seven have to find a way to examine and show how Arabs are crucial and should not get sympathy what so ever. The movie Reel Steel teaches a lot. For one thing, Arabs are discriminated against constantly. They are what movies use as the criminals, or the unknowledgeable. What we can learn from this movie is the fact that racism is stretched and given out in different aspects. Society uses things such as the conflict theory to continue to show a difference between two cultures. It shoes inequality, and in which there is no reason for that to be.


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