Roles of Different Agent of Socialization in Preventing Divorce

Roles of Different Agent of Socialization in Preventing Divorce

What are the different possible ideas/suggestions to the agents There are many things that are already being done by the agents of socialization towards the issue divorce. However, there are other things that can be done. Firstly, the government should send the almost divorced couple for divorce counselling in order to save the marriage. Adding to that, the government should cover all the expenses for the counselling to motivate the couple to attend the counselling sessions. Other than that, the government can tighten the rules about getting a divorce or even better, make it illegal in our country.

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That way, the divorce rate would reduce. Family members play the biggest part in a life or a person. The couple’s family should be supportive of the couple and advice them to do think before taking the action of divorce. In other words, the family should discourage the couple from getting a divorce. Without the support of the family, the couple wouldn’t know what to do and would go ahead and follow what they think is right. Therefore, the family should have a close relationship with the couple and be with them every step of the way. Even schools can play a part towards this issue.

For example, the school teachers should be more sensitive to those students who are undergoing family problems and also refer the students to the school counsellor to ensure the students are alright. Small children are innocent and wouldn’t know what is going on, that is why the school has a higher chance of helping them before it’s too late. As for the mass media, they should stop showing movies and television shows that include divorce in it, because by that it may influence the couple’s watching it that divorce is a good option when they argue.

Since people spend most of their time watching television, it influences them even more. Finally, peers also play a huge part in a person’s life. They are people whom we call as friends. Friends can play a part by being there as a supporter and listener for the couple who are undergoing problems. However, they should also be setting a good example to those whose relationship is on the edge. Peers should help the couple work things out in order to save their marriage rather than ending it.


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