4 6 = purchase or behavioural intent scales A Behavioural intent scale has been used for number 4 and 6. It is a scale designed to assess the likelihood of a consumer purchasing, or behaving in a certain way. (Mullet and Karson 1985). This method was chosen to assess whether the respondent would agree or disagree with the given statement, based on their behaviour towards Kate Moss. Mullet and Karson (1985) “Analysis of purchase intent scales weighted by probability of actual purchase” Journal of Marketing Research, pp. 93. 3= likert Number 3 is a likert scale which is commonly used to measure attitudes.

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It requires individuals to make a decision on their level of agreement with a certain statement or question. It can range from strongly agree, to agree, not agree, strongly disagree, to undecided or don’t know. It can be easily mistaken for an interval scale, however the likert scale does not identify the distance between one attribute to the other. (Edmondson,2005) This research scale has been chosen because the objectives are equally important, nevertheless they indicate the extend to which respondents agree or disagree with a statement. Edmondson (2005), Likert Scale : A history, Available at: http://faculty. quinnipiac. du/charm/CHARM%20proceedings/CHARM%20article%20archive%20pdf%20format/Volume%2012%202005/127%20edmondson. pdf (Accessed 11. 11. 2011) 1- 5. 1 = itemized rating scales An itemised rating scale has been used for number 1 and 5. 1. The questions are designed for the answers to be as close to a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response as possible, without creating a nominal question. “This type of scale is used to measure consumer attitudes such as perception and purchase intentions. ” (Russell, 2010). Russell, G. J. 2010. Itemized Rating Scales (Likert, Semantic Differential, and Stapel). Wiley International Encyclopedia of Marketing.


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