Should School Require Students to Wear a School Uniform?

Should School Require Students to Wear a School Uniform?

In some Western countries, there is no such thing as school uniform. The students just wear whatever they like as long as appropriate to the norm to their school. But, this kind of things does not happen in our country. Why? Questions like “Should school require students to wear a school uniform? ” have been put forward again and again. Based on what we can observe now, the Ministry of Education does not have any desire to give any changes to current system. This is because school uniform is important and it brings more pros than cons. In any country, there are people come from roots of poverty as well as roof of wealthy.

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If the school uniform policy is abolished, students from rich family may wear all their fancy and exotic clothes to school which those students from poor family cannot afford. In this situation, the differences of their family background are branded on the pieces of clothe they wearing. The poor students may feel self-abased when their cheap and worn-out clothes become laughingstock of other friends. Therefore, school uniform is here to standardize what should a student wear so that school will not become a place full with jealousy and humiliation. Furthermore, school uniform is the most remarkable identity of a student.

Different from university and college students, one can easily distinguish a school student from the uniform. Wearing a school uniform makes one looks like a student. The uniform they wearing can always make them bear in mind that should behave like what they are suppose to be. This can makes them realise more about their responsibility as a student. Hopefully, the students can feel more inspired when they are having uniform on their body because that is the one which makes them special from others. Moreover, when all the students wear uniform, the school will seemed to be more orderly and neat.

Besides that,, we should retain school uniform because it can train our students to be more disciplined. In our country, students have to wear uniform to school. If someone fail to do so or purposely against it, punishment will always be ready for him. Therefore, by hook or by crook, students have to stick to this rule. Obviously, this makes the students be more obedient and disciplined. As a conclusion, school should require students to wear a school uniform to school. Although someone criticizes this as encroachment of their freedom, we should think more critically and analyse the importance and benefits of school uniform.


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