Snack Essay

Snack Essay

People are always getting hungry and we can’t do anything about it! But if I were a teacher I wouldn’t let my kids eat in class. Why? Well one, it makes a mess in the classroom. Two, the students aren’t going to be able to concentrate. Three, it brings unwelcome guests to the classroom. This is why I strongly believe students shouldn’t be able to eat in class. Students are way too indolent to pick up their own trash. I have to admit that I sometimes leave trash behind in the classroom. I am too dallying to pick up a wrapper, get up, and throw it in the trash.

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People do this all the time and sometimes do it without even noticing. It comes naturally to them. I remember one day when I was taking this really important reading test which was worth half my grade and all the students were opening candy, chips, and you could hear the crunch in every bite they took. I couldn’t concentrate at all. Who likes all that vociferation while taking a test? Some kids need total silence to concentrate because they get distracted easily. But who wouldn’t with the entire racket going on.

It would be despicable to find cockroaches in the classroom just because you left some food the day before. Cockroaches are repugnant, and there poop are one the causes of asthma . Rats can also come to the classroom and other weird insects or animals too. It would probably smell really bad and look disgusting in the classroom. Students shouldn’t be allowed to eat in the classroom. One, it makes a mess. Two, students can’t concentrate. Three, it brings unwanted guests to the classroom. So next time think twice before eating in the classroom.


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