Sociologest- Human Behaviour

Sociologest- Human Behaviour

The claim made by some sociologist that human behavior revolves around socialization. Behavior is at times a determinant of external stimulus. How true is this? We do best to define key terms such as socialization, and sociologist. The definition of socialization is the process by which persons learn and generally accepts the establish ways of a particular social group or society. Also a sociologist is one that studies the human behavior. The father of sociology is August Comte. He believed that the evolution of society followed ‘invariable laws’.

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Meaning the behavior of humans was governed by principles of cause and effect that was just as invariable as the behavior of matter. Max Weber, a sociologist, argued of sociological explanations of action should begin with observing and interpreting the subjective ‘state of minds’ of people. We do well to ask to which agent of socialization has the strongest effect on the human behavior originates. Using the Maxist theory we know for human survival, particular needs must be met and in doing so ‘social relationships’ are formed.

We all should be aware that the first agent of socialization is the family. The family is a primary group. It is here socialization and interaction begins. The parents are responsible for teaching their child/children the skills needed to be a part of society. Language and other aspects are taught to which the child accepts and emits when he/she leaves the family. Within this group, many factors may affect one’s behavior. For example the environment to which one lives in. A child will not be a child forever. Before you know it they’ve reach the age of socializing with other ‘peer’s’.

The second agent we may take a look at is the peer group. Much of socialization takes place whether it may be male or female, the behavior patterns differ. In this group, one is exposed to multiple types of personalities and behavior. In every circumstance present, the behavior will be altered. Peer group is a socializing agent that has a very important influential factor in the development of one’s personality. Being exposed to things other than what was taught in the family gives one the freedom to accept and adapt or to reject certain practices.

Peers that may share same interests are more likely to be more influential than that of the family. Therefore certain practices that were learnt before me be replaced. A place to which one’s personality may take on a whole new route is the school. The school has a lot to contribute to the human behavior. Nevertheless human behavior does NOT revolve solely around socialization. Even though the school is less personal for it is a secondary group, people of various backgrounds, ethnic groups and gender are in contact.

The school helps to crystalize normative expectations for youths. The school is also an institute. In this agent of socialization, exposure takes on a whole new meaning. One has close interaction for couple few hours each day with these people. Attitudes and attributes will rub off but it is up to the person to decide which one he/she wants to accept. Socialization occurs here. The behavior pattern of a person would be socialized base on the environment currently in. From schools, the mass media allows people to interact as well.

The lyrics, music, images combined transmit powerful messages to a larger audience. When these signals reach people the behavior once again is affected. If a group of members listen to a particular artist and a negative energy is being radiated, what is there to stop these ones from acting out this negative energy? Isn’t the one producing this music just another human being? What is hot and in style everyone wants to be a part of. If one is not a part of it, he/she is mocked. The media has gone worldwide and is the easiest way to speak to a whole audience at once.

These messages maybe so persuasive and tempting if one isn’t standing on firm feet may find him/her following behavior pattern that changes just as how the media rapidly changes. Once again socialization does influence human behavior. Primary agent such as the family to secondary agents such as the mass media and schools, work environment impacts human behavior to some extent. We all have different behavior patterns. At times behavior that others may show, we may adapt over our old behavior habits. No human behavior will remain the same. Ones we socialize with other humans we are bound to be exposed to other behavior. Name: Audrianna Rod


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