Success Essay

Success Essay

Success Essay As defined by Webster’s Dictionary, success is: “the gaining of wealth, fame, etc,” or “favorable result. ” Success defined by myself is: being content in life, having the necessities, forming a family , having the career of your choice, and believing in myself in all I do. I believe that success is also trying and trying till you reach the goal or point in life you are aiming for. Webster and I have things in common when it comes to defining the word success, but success, to me, is much more than wealth in materialistic form.

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My ambition in life is to reach the point where I have gained success. How will I know when I have reached that point? What will I be doing? What will I have? What kind of person will I be? At this time in my life I have goals that I plan on reaching, but with time, some could change. My ambition right now is becoming a surgeon, which works in a hospital, helping other people with medical needs. I will have many different things, including a house, a car, and maybe even working on a family. The person I hope to be is one that loves God, and puts him first in everything that I or my family does.

I also want to be someone of great values, morals, and a caring person. In my life I want a career that I love. I don’t want a job that I go to for a paycheck, but a job that I would do for free because I love doing it. I want to have a career of helping people. At this time in my life I believe I want to become a surgeon. I am not sure at this point and time of what kind of surgeon, but I want to be in the operating room. As a high school senior I was able to do a clinical internship at the hospital for a semester and also do an internship at a surgery clinic for the second semester.

While at both places I was able to help and observe in the operating room. I loved every second of it. I was able to see how it affected Dr. Dolan and Dr. Bakeer, to help people. I saw a that there is a true reward of saving someone’s life, fixing the problem that caused pain, or even taking a simple mole off to make it so they was more comfortable with their skin. Being able to talk to the patients and hearing them say how appreciative he or she was for the surgeon, and his ability do what he did, makes me want to become a surgeon.

Also, the feeling the doctors described to me after hearing a patient thank them, would be worth more to me than the paycheck. I consider helping others in every way possible as another form of success. Along with helping people through my job, I want to help through missionary or charity work. Instead of spending all my hard earned money on myself, I want to put forth some of it to charity or missionaries. Instead of having some massive house with a huge house payment, I want to build a house that is big enough for me and my family.

I don’t care anything about it being the most fancy or most expensive, but the homiest. With the money I am not spending on a huge house, I want to put into savings to donate to charities or use as money to go to other countries to help the poor. Since I love traveling this would be a way to benefit myself, with a passion I love, along with helping people that need to be helped. I would like to work on missions in the USA and in Tennessee especially, since it is my home country and state. It would give me the ability to spread the word of God around, and save lives.

Success to me is putting others before myself. A running automobile, a homely house, and a husband that loves me, are only a few things that I hope to have when I reach my greatest point of success. To me, success is not being wealthy in materialistic things, but being wealthy in blessings. I know I have reached success when I have a house I can call home. I don’t dream of having a massive house, but a house that is nice and a place I can call home. As for my vehicle, I don’t believe success is having an almost 100,000 dollar car, but one that I like and will take me where I want to go without breaking me.

When I reach success I will also have a husband who loves me for me and maybe even be starting a family. At my greatest point of success I will have a high education, a church family, friends that love me and a gym membership. Staying fit and healthy is one way to live longer, and working out relieves stress. Being stress free is very important to me. When someone thinks of me I want good words come into their minds. I know I am successful when people can think of me in a good way. I want to be a happy person, which loves the little things in life.

I want to be known for being caring; when someone thinks of me I want them to know me as the person that would give the shirt off my back for my loved ones. I want to be assertive in my actions, thoughtful, and trustworthy. I will be considerate of others and help in all ways possible. I want to be known as a teacher and lover of God. I want to be disciplined, and go to the gym on a regular basis. The kind of person I want to be is the kind that is remembered for helping others and loving God. At my greatest point of success in my life I want to be the kind of person that puts God first, family and friends second, and myself last.

There are so many things that a person can do in a life time, and some are probably not the best choices. The best choice to make is to live life with no regrets. There is no such thing as failure if you try. If you don’t make it to the point that you wanted to reach, but you tried, then you did not fail. Failing to reach what you are reaching for is success, if you learn from the mistakes made. Never give up on your dreams or goals. If it is a disappointment the first time, then make it an accomplishment the next time by trying again and again until you reach your goals. Always believing in yourself is important to gaining success.


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