Summary of “Monkeyface Chronicles”

Summary of “Monkeyface Chronicles”

Summary of the novel “Monkeyface Chronicles” The story takes place in a fictional city called Fairview. It is about a kid named Philip Skylar who is born with an extremely face disfiguring syndrome yet an intellectually and physically gifted person. However, many people stereotypically assume that he has other problems just because of his facial appearance. When he is in middle school, he is often bullied by Gram brothers and their gang. Despite that, there are still many people who have sympathy towards Philip.

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One of them is his girlfriend Adeline, who has been him from the beginning of the novel until she eventually left for Europe, and another person is his brother, Michael, who often stands out to protect him. The Skylar brothers and the Gram brothers are always hostile to each other. The conflict finally escalates to the climax when the Gram brothers maliciously trip Michael Skylar at a hockey game. The impact leaves him almost completely paralyzed from then on. To make things worse, on the same night, a group of extremists burnt Skylar’s house.

Then Philip Skylar, who arrives at the scene from the rink, surprisingly discovers a journal from the wreckage and found out that his grandpa is actually his father. Filled with anxiety, he steps on the motorcycle and speeds towards the hospital where his brother is being taken the emergency care. Nevertheless, as if the whole Skylar family is cursed, Philip Skylar falls off the cliff with his motorcycle which fails to respond to the brake. He miraculously survives the incident and fully recovers after two years. The whole story ends when the Monkey face Philip got married and started his alcohol company at the age of thirty.


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