The Dao

The Dao

The Dao Essay ! While comparing Taoism and confucianism, there are many similarities and some differences. Right off the bat, the main difference is that Daoist believe that harmony with nature, yin and yang and the wu-wei is essential to create harmony with the Tao. On the other hand confucianism believe that in order to achieve harmony with the tao one must reflect harmony in their relationships. They also had different views on rituals and politics. !First, both Taoism and Confucians had the same ultimate goal which was to be in harmony with the Dao. The Dao is known as the way of life. It can not be expressed with a picture or a image.

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It is simply just the flow of the universe. !The differences lay between how each religion believed in achieving that harmony. Taoist were lead by the great Lao-zi, “The Old master” (Noss. 266) Unfortunately there is little that is proven to be known about Lao-Zi. It is not even known if he surely lived. Lao-Zi was the curator of the imperial archives. While obtaining the position of curator he began to question any kind of government. He believed that the search for knowledge was vain. He believed that people should have lived a simple life and they should not seek more knowledge. Instead, they should be happy without a government.

They should be left alone to eat, sleep, make love, and be happy. Before Lao-Zi left his country to go live a simple life he wrote the Dao De Jing. After writing the ! Prince Fitzgerald, 2 short and simple book, he was never heard from again. All in all, the Dao De Jing, set the example of which Daoist were supposed to live. It says that when things are allowed to take their natural course, they will move with a wonderful perfection and harmony. That is believed because, in the case that nature is left alone to preform its own course the Dao is not hindered in its smooth operation. !On the other hand we have the Confucians.

The Confucians were lead by Confucius. He believed in a different way of obtaining Dao. Confucius could be explained as the perfect gentlemen. He was a humanist and believed that the secret of life was held in a persons better relationships. Confucius believed that the government should rule its people by example. He told rulers that they needed to be good people and in return their people would be good back. Creating a better country. He believed that although the country was corrupt, the people were not. He knew that if people used their relationships to create harmony and find Dao, that the ntire country would change for the better. The best source of writing about Confucius is the Analects. !The teachings of the Daoist and the Confucians are also similar and different in ways. Daoist thought yin and yang, breath control, hygiene and, Wu-Wei were the essentials of life and happiness. These very simple understanding what were Daoist lived by in order to be the best. The Daoist, clearly believed that nature would guide everyone and that as long as you followed the way of nature that your life would be and end simply and peacefully . !On the other hand, Li is the most important way of life to a Confucian.

It is translated into may different things such as, courtesy, reverence, ritual, and a moral way of life. Li is essential to the five relationships of life, which are, ruler and subject, father ! Prince Fitzgerald, 3 and son, husband and wife, the eldest don to his younger brothers, and elders and juniors. Confucius strongly believed that the way of life was to maintain the best relationships possible with everyone you met. !Lastly, Taoism and Confucians today still play a role in chinese philosophy. In the 1980? s rules against Taoism were relaxed.

Institutional Taoism remains alive among communities in malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. It is very popular in Taiwan. Confucianism has become a popular term to describe whatever makes up the “chineseness” of a place like Hong Kong and Singapore. In 1991 Singapore made the “Shared Values” which are very confucian. !In sum, Taoism and Confucianism are two different set of belifes that are trying to achieve the same goal which is, Dao. Dao is the way of life. Taoism relies on nature to guide them through the way of life and Confucianism relies on the personal relationships with others to achieve the ultimate way of life.

I believe mixing the two together will create the ultimate way of life. People will have great respect for all living things, nature, and people. The unity between the two philosophies would have created a greater china. !“If one looks for Tao, there is nothing solid to see. If one listens for it, there is nothing loud enough to hear. Yet if one uses it, it is inexhaustible. ” Lao-Tzu ! This quote to me helps me understand the universe as my god. In my opinion there is not a god that I pray to. Instead I believe in projecting what I want, need, and desire into the universe with my own thoughts and actions.

I believe that I can manifest whatever I desire by using the universe as my guide. To me, I can not see my god in pictures or books. I see my god as the entire universe. The universe listens to me and is ! Prince Fitzgerald, 4 always there. The list of what I can manifest is endless and I am the only one who can limit myself. My universe only hears positive words and therefore I will only get positive feedback. If I conduct my behaviors in positive ways and put only good into the universe that is what I get back.


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