The Outsiders Novel Book Report English Literature Essay

The Outsiders Novel Book Report English Literature Essay

The book is written by S.C. Hinton. The genre of the book is Realistic Fiction. She wrote this book as a sophomore in high school at Will Rogers High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The chief character, Ponyboy Curtis, is a diffident, quiet 14-year-old male child who gets good classs and likes to pull and read. He is the youngest brother of Darry and Sodapop Curtis. Pony is besides a wetback. He changes throughout the narrative after Pony and Darry acquire into an statement when He had got home excessively late. Darry had slapped Pony, and he had rushed out the door and ran to catch up with Johnny at the Movie Theater. Once over they run into the Boyfriends of the 2 misss they met that dark. ( Randy and Bob ) They had attempted to kill Ponyboy but Johnny had killed Bob with a blade that he keeps. And after that they decide to runaway to Windrixville. He besides does the right thing when he saves the childs that were trapped inside the church that they were impermanent staying at. It ‘s easy to place Ponyboy because of his easy spoken words.

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Johnny Cade: is Pony ‘s best friend and the pet of the Greasers. He ‘s 16 old ages old, and lives with his alcoholic and opprobrious female parent and male parent. Johnny was jumped and crush up by a Soc have oning heavy rings. Ever since so, Johnny has been paranoid about the Socs and ever carries a flick-knife.

Dallas Dally Winston: Dally is the roughest of the Greasers. Raised in New York City, he seems to bask being a felon and thinks that the jurisprudence is a large gag.

SodaPop Curtis: Sodapop, the center brother, is 16 old ages old, friendly, handsome and popular. Unlike with Darry, Ponyboy has a really close relationship with Soda.

The Setting of the narrative is in Tulsa, Oklahoma and besides Windrixvile, the poorer side of the town. The scene is alone because that ‘s all of the heavy things happens. All of the jobs and the flood tide go on when Johnny killed Bob and ran off to Windrixville. This scene is alone because, being in the state side, cipher recognized the blowouts. For if it was in a bigger metropolis, it would be harder for them to go forth because of the informants in the streets and environing countries.

The beginning of the secret plan happens when Dally, Johnny, and Ponyboy meet Cherry Valance and Marcia at a drive-in film theatre. Ponyboy realizes that Cherry is nil like the Socs he has met before. The wetbacks walk Cherry and Marcia place, and on the manner, Bob and Randy see them and believe the male childs are seeking to pick their girlfriend up. Cherry and Marcia prevent a battle by go forthing with Bob and Randy. When Ponyboy comes home really tardily, Darry gets angry and hits him. Ponyboy runs off and meets up with Johnny. As they wander around the vicinity, Bob, Randy, and three other rummy Socs confront them in the park. Ponyboy is about drowned in a fountain, so a panicky Johnny pang Bob, killing him and frightening off the other Socs. Ponyboy and Johnny run to happen Dally, who gives them some money and a laden gun and tells them to conceal in an abandoned church on top of Jay Mountain in Windrixville. They stay at that place for a few yearss, during which clip Ponyboy reads Gone with the Wind and the verse form Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost to Johnny. When Dally comes to happen them, he reveals that the battles between the two rival groups have exploded since Bob ‘s decease. Johnny decides that he wants to turn himself in, so they start to go forth for place. As they leave, they notice the church has caught on fire and that several little kids are trapped inside. Johnny and Ponyboy haste to deliver them, but a big piece of firing wood falls on Johnny. Dally rescues Johnny from the firing church, firing his ain arm along the manner. Ponyboy is comparatively unharmed and spends a short clip in the infirmary. When his brothers arrive to see him, Darry breaks down and calls. Ponyboy so realizes that Darry cares about him, and is merely difficult on Ponyboy because he wants him to hold a good hereafter. As Ponyboy is retrieving at place, Two-Bit shows up and informs him that Johnny and Ponyboy have been declared heroes for delivering the childs, but that Johnny will be charged with manslaughter for Bob ‘s decease. He besides says that the Greasers and Socs have agreed to settle their sod war with a major rumbling. When Ponyboy and Two-Bit visit Johnny and Dally in the infirmary, they find Johnny in bad status with multiple Burnss and a broken back. Dally is retrieving good and insists on traveling to the rumbling. The following eventide, the Greasers win the battle with the Socs, but are all wounded, including Ponyboy, who suffers from a concussion. After the rumble, Dally and Ponyboy visit Johnny once more, where he dies in forepart of their eyes. Dally is overwhelmed and runs out of the infirmary. Soon after, the wetbacks get a phone call from Dally, who has robbed a food market shop. Moments subsequently, Dally commits a distorted signifier of self-destruction, which leads the wetbacks to recognize that Dally could n’t bear to populate without Johnny

Bridging the Gap Between Rich and Poor: The Outsiders tells the narrative of two groups of adolescents whose acrimonious competition stems from social-economic differences. Yet, these differences in societal category do non needfully do natural enemies of the two groups. The wetbacks and Socs portion some things in common. Cherry Valance, a Soc, and Ponyboy Curtis, a wetback, the divisions that feed the feud between their several groups. Their melodious conversation suggests that shared passions can make full in the spread between rich and hapless. This possible for understanding Markss a bright topographic point in the novel ‘s glooming forecast that the conflict between the categories is a durable 1. Over the class of the novel, Ponyboy begins to see the form of shared experience. He realizes that the adversities that wetbacks and Socs face may take different practical signifiers, but that the members of both groups and young persons everyplace must necessarily come to footings with fright, love, and sorrow.

Symbols are objects, characters, figures, and colourss used to stand for abstract thoughts or constructs.

Two-Bit ‘s Switchblade: Two-Bit ‘s flick-knife is his most prized ownership and, in several ways, represents the neglect for authorization for which wetbacks traditionally pride themselves. First of wholly, the blade is stolen. Second, it represents a sense of the single power that comes with the possible to perpetrate force. This symbolism surfaces most clearly when Dally borrows the blade from Two-Bit and uses it to interrupt out of the infirmary to fall in his pack at the rumbling. It is suiting that Two-Bit eventually loses the blade when the constabulary confiscate it from Dally ‘s dead organic structure. The loss of the arm, at this point, becomes linked with the loss of Dally.

Cars: Cars represent the Socs power and the wetbacks ‘ failing. Because their parents can afford to purchase them their musculus autos, the Socs have increased mobility and protection. The wetbacks, who move largely on pes, are physically weak in comparing to the Socs. Still, wetbacks like Darry, Sodapop, and Steve do hold contact with automobiles-they fix them. We can understand this interaction with autos positively or negatively. On one manus, it symbolizes how the wetbacks have a more direct and all-around experience than the Socs with the unsmooth worlds of life. Then once more, the fact that the wetbacks must serve and care for Soc ownerships demonstrates that the Socs have the power to maintain down the wetbacks.

Greaser Hair: The wetbacks can non afford rings, autos, or other physical accoutrements of power that the Socs enjoy. As a consequence, they must fall back to more low-cost markers of individuality. By have oning their hair in a specific manner, wetbacks tell apart themselves from other societal groups. Conservative cultural values of the sixtiess called for work forces to maintain their hair short, and the wetback manner is a clear evildoing of this societal convention. It is non merely typical, but, as a physical trait, this hair is genuinely an organic portion of the wetback personality. When the Socs leap Ponyboy at the beginning of the novel, they ask him if he wants a haircut and endanger to cut off his hair. By making so, they would rob him of his individuality.

In my sentiment, this was a great book to read and I recommend this book to anyone. Some cons of the book is that cognizing a female had written it with her use of words. But this book would be great for anyone inquiring about packs now compared to the yesteryear. Besides, some of the chapter readings are easy predictable because if the temper of Ponyboy.


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