Tok Biology Stem Cell

Tok Biology Stem Cell

Stem Cells Critical consideration: ethics of use of embryonic stem cells 1) To what extend are these positions similar and how do they differ? From the article we can know that both Roman Catholic and Islam have different opinions but their aim is the same, which is, improve human health. Also both of them agreed that the early stages of the biological development of the embryo are regarded as a human.

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Abdulaziz Sachedina from University of Virginia who represent view of Roman catholic faith disagrees with the stem cell research because the research requires the “destruction of embryos or the use of the fetal tissue from abortion”, in Catholic’s eyes embryo is treated as a human, therefore they think that we should not destroy a human life to do a research even though it can help us to improve human health because Catholic believe that god gives life to us and we do not have right to end it but to cherish therefore life is very valuable in their eyes.

However if there is a way to do this stem cell research without destroying human life, either in embryonic or fetal, the Roman Catholic will agree with it and will not have opposition. While Kevin Wildes from Georgetown University who represent Islamic views thinks that the research on the successful stem cells made by Biotechnical intervention in the early stages of life, which means embryo or fetal is “an act of faith to show the ultimate will of God” as god gives life to them, they will cherish it and as long as the purpose is improving Human health, they can accept that and encourage people to do it.

Also they think “embryo cannot be considered as possessing moral status” until “perceptible form and voluntary movement are demonstrated. ” 2) What might be the views of other-stakeholders in the debate-patients, doctors, parents, and research companies? Every people will have different opinions because they are in different positions, For the people in the stem cells research company, I think they have different purpose, some of the people only want to make money from the stem cell research and some of them really have a passion on the stem cells research and try their best to do it.

The research company can make loads of money if they success in the stem cell research because they are the one who in charge of that. Also the research company may not care much about the moral status about the embryo and fetal moral issue because as I mentioned before, some people only care about how to make more money from that and they will not think about whether we should treated an embryo or fetal as a human as they still locate inside the uterus of their mother, but they definitely want to continue and keep on doing the research.

At the same time, some people not only want make more money but they also have a passion to improve human health. The aim for doctor is to try their best to save people lives everyday and they hope that the stem cell research can really help people, although the stem cells used for the research is from the destruction of embryos and fetal issue from abortion, I think most of the doctors will agree with the stem research because they hope that the stem cell can really use to help the people who is suffering.

Doctors obviously did not want to destroy a life but if the investigation is significant, I think they would consider and the embryos and fetal that used to do the research would worth it. Also the doctors must find stem cells so interesting because stem call has a potential for tissue repair and for treating s variety of degenerative conditions.

I think the situation for parents and doctors are pretty much the same, assume that the parents of the patient, they definitely want the stem cells research to keep going on if their children or family members have disease like leukemia because they may need the help of stem cells to insert to their bone marrow to produce new cells or people who got disease need to transplant or ancer treatment. We should stand in their shoe and understand their feeling; they definitely want their children or family members to recover as soon as possible.

Therefore I think parents would agree that the stem cell research keeps going. I think that patients may not agree with the requirement of using embryonic stem cells because it connect to the moral issue but everyone would have different opinions, also Thinking about science: risks of stem cell therapies 1) Which groups of people do scientists need to inform about their plans for research into growing replacement tissues or organs?

Scientist needs to inform young adult man and the parents of the young man about their plans for research into growing replacement tissue or organs. Also they should inform the national government about the stem cell research to see whether they can do the research or not. 2) Do scientists need to reveal the risks as well as the opportunities, or should they assume that the risks can be avoided? Scientists need to reveal the risk as well as the opportunities to people because this may affect the patient’s lives.

Also the scientist have the responsibility to tell people the risk and all the side effect that may happen because the public have the right to know it and this is such an irresponsible act if the scientist try to conceal the truth. The scientist could not 100% sure that there is no risk too, so they cannot assume that risk can be avoided because stem cells can form tumors called teratocarcinomas, it just naturally develop from stem cell from human body and one of the most commonest forms of tumor from stem cells is in the testis which is very dangerous and threaten the life of the patient.

Therefore the scientist should tell the truths to the public and all the risk, so that they have a mentally prepared. 3) Why do national governments vary in their attitude to this research? National governments vary their attitude to this research because some of them realise the risk to the people, and also stem cells can form tumors called teratocarcinomas, the government concern about it and may not encourage scientist to keep on. But at the same time, stem cells have a potential for tissue repair and for treating a variety of degenerative conditions.

Therefore some government may hesitate and they look at the good and the bad side of the stem cells research and decided whether they will allow the research run in the country. 4) Should all scientists be governed by the same rule and if so, who should decide them? All the scientists should be governed by the same rules because if some scientists can do the stem cell research in this country while the other scientists cannot do it, the other scientist may think that it is unfair and protest.

All the scientists should govern by World Health Organization because the aim of this organization is to improve our health and enhance our own hygiene, which is related to the stem cell research, if all the scientists govern by a same department, they would think that it is fairer than govern by different one because different people has different opinion, some government may encourage scientists to do it and some of the government may banned and not allowed scientists do the stem cell research.


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