Understanding Human Growth and Development

Understanding Human Growth and Development

UNDERSTANDING HUMAN GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT Infant Observation Name: Jason Newman Listed below are some of the fundamental motor coordination’s of the developing child. These have been arranged in the sequence in which they usually appear in normal development. It should be noted, however, that the age placement of these motor coordinations are only approximate since there are wide variations resulting from individual differences. The child must be between 6 weeks and 12 months of age. They may not be walking.

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After you have observed an infant, check the motor coordination you were able to observe. Name of Child : Alexander NewmanAge: 10 Months I. Biological Factors Fourth Quarter __XXX__ – Raises self to sitting position. __XXX__ – Early Stepping Movements. __XXX__ – Pulls to Standing Position. __XXX__ – Stands Up. __XXX__ – Walks with Help. __XXX__ – Sits Down. __XXX__ – Stands Alone. II. Psychodynamic Factors 1. What evidence did you see that the infant was becoming aware of his surroundings ? a. Did the infant recognize his mother, objects, bottle, own hands and feet, etc.?

When I first arrived at the house, There was music playing, a classical song that I later found out was from the Baby Mozart CD. The living room had an infant to toddler gated play area. Inside the play area The infant was playing with a variety of toys such as: blocks, foam books, a Fischer Price learning table, and stuffed animals that had materials inside to make them squeak or make a crunching sound. Various knickknacks were displayed more for sensory purposes than for the child’s amusement to play with.

The mother said that the infant was disinterested in books at this phase. The infant recognized his mothers voice, and was definitely aware of his surroundings. b. Did he evidence any behavior such as reaching for objects, twisting, turning, poking, cooing, bubbling, grimacing, attempting to retrieve an object, or imitate tricks ? I sat down in a rocking chair and started watching Alexander a 10-month old infant sitting on a play mat. The play mat was a cotton mat that had various animals on it in different colors. The infant was twisting and turning reaching for different toys.

The infants mouth was bubbling, The mother said he was teething. The infant kept looking at me. However, I hoped he would ignore me so I could observe him in his more naturalistic setting. I noticed he likes to sit and crawl on his tummy, and I noticed he dislikes being on his back. c. How did he respond to pleasure giving activities, such as his mother talking to him or playing with him, his bath or feedings ? The mother made faces at him, playing “peek-a-boo”. Which made the infant smile. d. Any other evidence of interaction with environment ?

The mother placed the infant in a jumper made by Fischer Price, which made infant very happy. 2. What was the infants response to people ? a. His mother and / or father ? The infants response to me being in his environment was that the infant was constantly staring at me. The infant really enjoyed having his mother present. b. Other adults ? During my observation session, the next door neighbors wife, came by to visit the mother. The infant was seemed to enjoy having happy people in her environment. c. Other children or infants ?

During my observation session, there was no other infants or children present. 3. What expression of the ability to communicate or language development were you able to observe in the infant ? What type of sounds or words did the child produce ? Was there any stimulation (external) for sound production ? The infant was able to say “Papa” and “Mama”. The infant would also make different sounds, as if trying to speak. There was music playing, a classical song that I later found out was from the Baby Mozart CD. III. Maternal Expectations and Experiences

Listed below are factors relating to the social development of infants. You will not be able to obtain much information on these factors from direct observation, but a discussion with the mother should prove enlightening ! 1. Eating habits and mother’s expectations in this respect. The mother says she feeds the infant 3 times a day. The infant eats Gerber’s organic food. 2. Sleeping habits and the mothers expectations. The mother says the infant goes to bed at about 9pm, sleeps all night wakes up at 6 am, gets a diaper change and a fresh bottle and goes back to sleep till about 9am.

The infant is up from 9am till about noon and then takes a 2 to 3 hour nap. And is fully awake until 9pm (bedtime). 3. Dependency behavior and mother’s expectations. The infant crawls all over the house and seems to be attached to the mother. The mother seems to be a secure base to explore from and return to. IV. The Process of Parenting The birth of any child alters to some degree the family patterns of the family group he was born into. These next questions will ask you to focus on the Childs family and will need to be answered through discussion with the parents ( or mother). 1.

What was the mothers reaction to her pregnancy and the birth experience ? The mother says her and her husband, both felt very happy, when they found out the Lord was sending them a child. The mothers says that child birth, is the hardest thing, she’s ever had to live through. 2. How has the arrival of this child altered or changed family relationships ? The mother says that, the infant has made the family a tighter family unit. 3. Has the child produced role alternation beyond the immediate family unit ? No, the infant has not produced a role alteration, beyond the immediate family. . How do the parents describe this child ? What kind of child is he or she ? What do they want for this child ? What kind of life would they like for this child ? The mother describes this child as very happy, playful, warm hearted little boy. ***** We’ll call this section “ Observer Bias” – It’s the only time it will be asked for in your observations. What did YOU think of the child ? What would you want for this child ? This child is one of my nephews, I Love this child and I wish nothing, but the best for this child.


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