“a Study on Comparative Analysis of Mutual Fund and Other Investment Options

“a Study on Comparative Analysis of Mutual Fund and Other Investment Options

“PROJECT REPORT SYNOPSIS” Title of the project:- “A Study on Comparative Analysis of Mutual Fund and Other Investment Options” Working title- “A Study on Comparative Analysis of Mutual Fund and Other Investment Options” Purpose- The main purpose of doing this project was to know about mutual fund and itsfunctioning. This helps to know in details about mutual fund industry right from itsinception stage, growth and future prospects. It also helps in understanding different schemes of mutual funds.

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My study depends upon prominent funds in India and their schemes like equity, income, balance as well as thereturns associated with those schemes. The project study was done to ascertain the asset allocation, entry load, exit load,associated with the mutual funds. Ultimately this would help in understanding the benefits of mutual funds to investors Aim- “To compare the investment options, its performance and risk & return relationship for better investment decision”. Objectives- It is necessary to specify the objectives of the study.

This is because of specification of objectives will enable us to study various areas and aspects with clarity. • To know the purpose and performance and of investment in mutual fund • To know the purpose and performance and of investment in other investment • To study the risk and return relationship with reference to mutual fund and other investment s • To know the form of return on investment Key Questions- 1)Do you invest in Mutual Funds? 2)If not, then what other option(s) do you prefer to invest? 3)In which sector do you prefer to invest your money? ) Which factor do you consider before investing in mutual fund or Ulips? 5) How often do you monitor your investment? Hypothesis- Null hypothesis – • Ho – As a result of derivatives there will be no difference in the investment risk reduction Alternative hypothesis – • HA– As a result of derivative market their will be a significant risk reduction in investment Research Methodology- Stage-1 SAMPLE DESIGN Sample Unit: Investors and Non-Investor Sample Size: This study involves 50 respondents. Sampling Type: The sample size has been taken by non-random convenience samplingtechnique

Stage-2 APPROACHES OF DATA COLLECTIONRESEARCH DESIGN:- EXPLORATIVE RESEARCH Data will be collected both from primary as well as secondary sources as described below: Approach constitutes of both I. Primary data. II. Secondary data. PRIMARY SOURCES:- Questionnaire Analysis (ENCL. ) SECONDARY DATA: It refers to those data that was already being corrected by and analyzed by someone else. Thisdata is collected from Journal Reports Magazines. Newspapers and books Website Statistical tools- Correlation, Graphical analysis, Regression analysis

Literature review and case studies Plan for data analysis :Analysis of data is planned with the help of Mean Analysis of variance. Tabulation Stage-3 SCOPE OF THE STUDY The study will aim at understanding and analyzing the types Mutual Fund and other investment options •I will analyze the funds depending on their schemes like equity, income, balance •Subject matter is related to the investor’s approach towards mutual funds and other investment options in Indian market •The research will be conduct in the geographical area of 1 cities- Bangalore (Karnataka), STEPS OF RESEARCH DESIGN: •Define the information needed:- This first step states that what is theinformation that is actually required. Information in this case we require isthat what is the approach of investors while investing their money in mutualfunds and other investment options, e. g. what do they consider while decidingas to invest in which of the two i. e. Mutual funds or other investment options. Also, it studies the extent to which the investors are aware of the various coststhat one bears while making any investment.

So, the information sought andinformation generated is only possible after defining the information needed. •Design the research: – A research design is a framework or blueprint for conducting the research project. It details the procedures necessary for obtaining the information needed to solve research problems. In this project,the research design is explorative in nature. •Specify the scaling procedures: – Scaling involves creating a continuumon which measured objects are located. Both nominal and interval scaleshave been used for this purpose. Construct and pretest a questionnaire: – A questionnaire is aformalized set of questions for obtaining information from respondents. Where as pretesting refers to the testing of the questionnaire on a smallsample of respondents in order to identify and eliminate potential problems. Stage-4 LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY No study is free from limitations. The limitations of this study can be: •The study will conduct only for 4 months •Sample size taken is small •The study only conducts in 1 geographical area Bangalore •Respondent bias and sampling error

Proposed Contents- Chapter 1: Introduction This chapter provides the theoretical background of the topic under study. This chapter providesa brief introduction to the subject under the study including the work and types of Mutual Fund. Chapter 2: Research design This chapter provides details such as the Purpose, Aim of the study, Statement of the problem,Scope of the study, Objective of the study, Approaches of data collection and Conceptualdefinitions, Limitations of the study and an overview of the chapter scheme. Chapter 3: Profile of the industry

This chapter contains a brief profile of the derivative market. Chapter 4: Analysis & interpretation This chapter contains an analysis of the primary data and secondary data in line with theobjectives of the study. Tables and graphs drawn from the data collected would support theanalysis. Chapter 5: Summary of findings, conclusions and suggestions This chapter provides a summary of findings, conclusions drawn from findings and alsosuggestions would be made based on the analysis giving an overview of the research. Chapter 6: Bibliography


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