Presenting an Argument

Presenting an Argument

audience. In the workplace, often times, employees are given the opportunity to present their side of an argument to make changes to work towards their advantage. Case in point, when I used to work for local cable company we had to wear business attire. A few employees presented the argument that with more comfortable dress we could do a more productive job. We cited examples of other Fortune 500 companies that were doing the same and some were considering allowing naps. We had to give facts such as statistics and expert opinions it had to be presented in writing and formatted as an executive summary.

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Now on the other hand, in daily life making an argument to friends or family on issues, unless of course you are asking for money, you can take a less formal avenue. For example, when debating politics or religion after family dinner, there may not be much accuracy and most of the supporting evidence will be from beliefs or needs as well as quite a few fallacies thrown in. You can pretty much count on some eye rolling, lip smacking and folding and unfolding of arms. Since it is casual debate and it will not be graded or judged it is a more relaxed style of presenting an argument.

As for presenting in the classroom setting it will definitely have more structure. The supporting evidence that will be used has come from credible sources and emotions will be removed. The fallacies that tend to be in a more casual setting will also be removed. Because the instructor is not your mom and settling argument among siblings, the evidence presented has to demonstrate what the best possible option is. The same as in a work environment, in a classroom setting your evidence has to be clear and complete in order to back up your assertion.


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