Accepting Responsibility of Any Wrong-Doing

Accepting Responsibility of Any Wrong-Doing

To Be or Not To Be As a Michael Jackson’s personal doctor, Dr. Murray still doesn’t admit that he has done something wrong as a doctor. After we did something wrong, we might have that thinking of should we escape far away or face the result. Generally, admitting wrong-doing can make a difference in judgment’s sentence. From the story I Know What You Did Last Summer, by Louis Duncan, we can learn that escaping from our wrong-doing makes it gets worse and worse. Always, it’s important to accept responsibility for any action especially the wrong-doing part.

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In my opinion, it is not healthy to escape from the result of wrong-doing, because the soul lays significant part in our life. Keeping a secret can deeply harm our feeling about ourselves. It can disperse us and steal all the color of our life . When some people can’t live with that guilty in their mind, they might suffer from nightmare, anxious depression and they always blame themselves. As we can learn from the story, hit someone and run is worse than waiting for a police officer.

Also, we need other people to respect us and they won’t respect us if they know that we escape from bad result of our doing. In short, sometimes it is easier to face our wrong-doing than escape from it to clear our soul. Moreover, not admitting the wrong-doing may make the situation get worse and worse. For instance, if someone did something wrong in driving and he/she didn’t stop that might makes him/her pay a high fine or may get more than that like going to the jail.

In another hand, if he/she accept the wrong-doing that will give opportunity to learn how to deal with similar situation. I think, wrong-doing always affects our life especially when we don’t face it. However, admitting that wrong doing may reduce the bad reaction and give us a chance to correct it. As a part of any job or duty, when we did something wrong we feel that this job or duty is un completed because it has something wrong. But, if we deal with it we will feel that this job or duty has completed.

On other words, any job or duty which has something wrong is uncompleted until we deal with it. In conclusion, as a part of any job or duty dealing with your wrong-doing usually lets you feel good about yourself. Also, it lets you feel that you finish your part of this job or duty. Moreover, when you correct your wrong-doing you prevent it from getting worse and you won’t blame yourself. I think when we deal with our wrong-doing, we can usually learn how to solve similar problem in the future.


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